100617 Dazzling Dames' Zombie Prom, CV Live

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100617 Dazzling Dames' Zombie Prom, CV Live

100617 Dazzling Dames' Zombie Prom, CV Live

Princess Vixen of the Dazzling Dames tells us about the second annual Zombie Prom event.

Hello, welcome to concho úvalley live, i'm joined with úprincess vixen.

úp>> hello again and happy úbirthday.

úp>> thank you, there are events úto the community, zombie prom.


úmake use of that day.

úp>> superexciteed.

úp>> and this time it all benefs úthe area elderly as well.

úp>> especially the winters time úit's harder for them get around úso we're taking on perishable úfood items, gorilla burgers, úadvanced auto, casa, open arms, úeverybody's partnered up with s úto get nonperishable food items údonated to them so that they're úproperly stocked for the winter útime.

úp>> every year the zombie prom úwill benefit that as well?

úp>> we have costume contest, dr úprizes, we have the rough rides úshow up, poor guy he was sick úthey ended up leaving but it's ú88th to see a community to úcome together.

úp>> it's called zombie prom, is úthere a dress code for folks wo úcome out?

úp>> you can come whatever, but úthe concert contest.

úthe gorier the better.

úthe man and woman oh my gosh úthey were amazing.

úthey went all out it was so úcreepy!

úto be realistic.

úp>> they need to top 'em it's úpretty, a.

úagain this year, we have food úand dancing all night.

úp>> the event is free but you'e úasking for a canned good údonation.

úp>> yes.

úp>> around extra entries for te údoor prize, so there's going to úbe music playing all night?

úp>> music, tavern tavern, as sn úas we told them last year they úwere on board.

úagain for this year.

úfernando, who is at tavern útavern is going to be there.

úp>> even more halloween events úcoming up as well.

úif anyone wants to know more, úwhere do they go?

úp>> look up dazzling games úoriginal chapter here in san úangelo.

úlast year we had about 48 úvendors, this year we're almost úat 60 so it's crazy.

úp>> great to hear that they are úcontinuing to grow, zombie prom úin their second year?

úp>> third year with tavern útavern.

úthank you so much princess

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