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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

PKG: McConnell McGrath Debate

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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PKG: McConnell McGrath Debate
PKG: McConnell McGrath Debate
PKG: McConnell McGrath Debate

Night off.

We begin with election 2020.

In kentucky's u-s senate race...incumbent republican mitch mcconnell and democratic challenger amy mcgrath debated for the first time tonight.

As abc 36's monica harkins was polite...topical and wide ranging.

Debate nats the first and possibly only debate between senator mitch mcconnell and retired marine lieutenant colonel amy mcgrath was a civil affair...and highlighted what many are used to hearing...a lot of "m's" rine and mcconnell ....majority leader.

But the debate hosted by wkyt and the university of kentucky student government began with the pandemic.

"mcgrath: well i give the president, the white house and this congress an f."

Meanwhile, mcconnell pointing out he gave americans a $2 trillion dollar relief package.

But that was in march...what about a second one?

"mcconnell: we've been negotiating try to put something reasonable together that actually attacks the problem."

Pointing the finger at democratic house speaker nancy pelosi.

"mcconnell: and the speaker of the house has clearly not been interested in getting an outcome that's why the talks have gone on for a while."

Coronavirus and how to handle it...taking up about the first third of the 57 minute debate.

Another timely topic...the u-s supreme court nomination hearings that began monday.

"mcgrath: nobody should be voting on a supreme court nominee right now."

Mcconnell says all the back and forth about if a vote should happen is taking away from what he says is a great, respectable nomination.

Then came the question many in kentucky and america are asking...was justice served for breonna taylor?

Mcconnell choosing his words carefully... mcconnell: in regard to the taylor case...pause...the law sometimes as judge barrett pointed out in her hearing this morning, the result that we all hope for."

Adding that taylor's death was an incredible tragedy...and mcgrath agreed...switching gears to reforms she'd propose... "mcgrath: and i think leaders have to take a step back and recognize that we need change in this country that there is systemic racism."

The debate wrapping up with this....does mcconnell's powerful position as senate majority leader matter enough to kentuckians to keep him there.

I mcgrath: "how's kentucky looking?

Are you better off than you were 6 years ago?"

Mcconnell:"or do you want to continue to have one of the 4 congressional leaders from our state looking out for kentucky."

After the debate...amy mcgrath spoke virtually with reporters...mitch mcconnell did not.

Mcgrath saying yes absolutely she'd like to debate again.

In lexington, monica harkins abc 36


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