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Monday, December 11, 2023

Brown Baggers Food Program is helping even more kids than ever before

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Brown Baggers Food Program is helping even more kids than ever before
Brown Baggers Food Program is helping even more kids than ever before
Kids in Sullivan County, Indiana are getting help from a special program.

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Now more than ever -- some students in sullivan county are relying on one program.

It's an event that helps get them through each weekend.

News 10's sarah lehman is live in our newsroom.

She caught up with the founders of this program.

And has more on why it's so important.

To you and me -- this brown bag might look like just that.

A plain brown bag.

But -- to many kids it's something they look forward to getting every week to help get them through the weekend.

Flipping through memories... kay and israel brewer can't believe how far they've come.

"our numbers right now are the highest we've ever had."

10 years ago -- the brewers started the brown bagger school food program in sullivan county -- because they saw the need!

"we adopted our daughter when she was 10.

We found out she used to have to dig around in the trash for food and she wasn't fed very well" when this started 10 years ago it started with 4 family sized packs that went home every weekend.

It grew from there and as you can see 10 years later it's grown even more.

They now fill more than 500 of these bags to send home with sullivan county kids every weekend.

"our funds at times are low -- our needs are high the only way we know we got it met is by the grace of god."

Two hundred seventy two.

That's the number of kids -- right now -- who get these brown bags for the weekend.

Brewer says it can be tough.

But -- it's always rewarding.

"this is near and dear to our hearts just to know that they're out there when we didn't have that and to know that people are in this area that need that help and we just take it to heart."

The program is celebrating their 10 year anniversary this saturday.

We'll have more information for you on our website wthi tv dot com.

Reporting live in the newsroom.

I'm sarah lehman

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