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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Part 2 of the discussion on the 2020 Election: The Vice Presidents

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Part 2 of the discussion on the 2020 Election: The Vice Presidents
Part 2 of the discussion on the 2020 Election: The Vice Presidents
Part 2 of the discussion on the 2020 Election: The Vice Presidents

A few minutes left to continue our conversation with her.

She is current hamilton county chairwoman stuart james forward democratic preacher current hamilton county as well before we had to go to break you were saying you were getting ready t say something recently stated by herschel walker herschel walker backup-present when he was a democrat.

He said now i will no be a democrat.

I will about trump because of all of his accomplishments and what he has done for the black community an the black unemployment is down more than ever in the history o america cell herschel walker backed him and he is making sur that other people hear him so that they the black community can vote for donald trump chipman, the prime importance for second endorsements.

Michaela means we know that newspapers will make some of things when it comes to overall election people knocking about donald trump has herschel walke said the donald trump essays this 50 cent was on trial, nice guest donald trump.

This is something that changes in the wind.

Don't put too much emphasis on herschel walker doe or does not shifting gears over into the vice presidential side of one of the big comments say it's a complaint for the comments.

About couple errors california she's out of the campaign trail understand the after california is burning dow the other half is getting taxed to death.

She's not there leading state-run we say.

I mea, what's the worst.

The line of between serving your constituents and getting out and hitting the road you know there is a difficult one for any candidate, to take when my parents was running for vice president had the same issue when marie sanders was 20 present had the same issue.

I think at this stage of the game mechanic should focus on tops of the running for if she loses it she gets returned to california but she probably can get reelected to the united states senate, so it's not low-impact things in and in california voters worried about the word about what happened at the top of the ticket portion.

Heaven forbid something happened either donald trump or joe, but physically is four zero make her case for why you think pets wil make the better presidents was literally the jobs only a heartbeat away what we want this country, not to be a socialist country, and kamali harris is the most liberal left-leaning senator in the u.s. senate that we did not want america to become a socialist country.

She actually campaigning with the bernie sanders who is that confirm socialist today, however.

Ps is such a gentleman in such a christian and his wife and his children are to and limiting bind to that character.

Don't think at this point in time.

What's going on with his towel hunter.

He should talk at all about character that ps does have a lot of character.

I have met vice president had been on air force today with vice president have met his mother who is a delight.

I have met hi nephew, john ps and their wonderful people and they have character stuart 30 seconds.

Your response.

My response is that is not an issue.

The selection and donald trump in the rolling stones because it was a glass house and were talking about.

I and yeah i understand that we have to relate to chip the second thing about him kamali harris, you probably would be a better president than he would because he is so conservative she's not as liberal as as the distinguished charm charm woman says if she was so liberal, there would be a bigger bigger voting block from the conservative base is out there not see that happening right no talking about the character as it pertains to the candidates i the family you think the hearin the hullabaloo that we are or are not hearing it.

This is one of donald trump's kids involved in this whole laptop email situation.

Oh well.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media is not bringing that up r's pressing the story people of america need to know about the and the paid up license scheme.

It is not just a smear campaign as biden is howling at it is an aggressive pay to play that the did enter vineland segments within seconds you know what yo like.

Considering the debate echoed exactly the present was doing this has no way in this character debates okay what we think these

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