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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Gulfport resident still awaits help for Zeta damage

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Gulfport resident still awaits help for Zeta damage
Gulfport resident still awaits help for Zeta damage

Gulfport residents are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Zeta including disabled vet Brian McDowell.

Jones park will be - reopened.

- - in addition to beached boats, - gulfport residents are- still dealing with the aftermat- of hurricane zeta,- inlcuding disabled vet brian- mcdowell.

- during zeta, a tree fell on - mcdowell's mobile home and- cracked the roof of his and his- wife's bedroom.

- mcdowell says he waited five- days after the storm to report- the damage to harrison county - because he knew they would be - overwhelmed with reports.

- since then, united way was able- to come out and cut the - smaller branches off the tree,- however, the county nor - united way have the equipment t- completely remove the tree.

- nearly three weeks later, - mcdowell is concerned for - his and his wife's safety.- - brian mcdowell, gulfport- resident and- disabled vet: "you give me a 20 knot wind, i have a feeling tha- wind may twist and- come right through my bedroom.- and if it does, it will land on- my head.

I can't-- i've got - - - - to live in my bedroom.

This is- my house.

So, i've got issues."

"i just need somebody to get th tree off.

I can't afford it.i - got an estimate for i think it- - - - was $1,000 to take that tree of- the house.

To me, that's a lot- of money.

I don't make a- - - - lot of money.

My wife's also a- disabled veteran.

We don't make- a lot of money.

- we just need the tree off."

Mcdowell says harrison county - has been helpful, however,- getting a contractor with the - correct equipment to- remove the tree


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