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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Indiana County Vaccinations by the Numbers

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Indiana County Vaccinations by the Numbers
Indiana County Vaccinations by the Numbers
Indiana County Vaccinations by the Numbers

New tonight -- more than one million hoosiers are now fully vaccinated against covid-19.

With at least two million receiving their first shot.

44news reporter marisa patwa checked in with local health leaders and has an update on the vaccination numbers in some of our most- populated indiana communities.

"it's been very frustrating and isolating not being able to go out with friends or see family as much as i wanted to."

Sixty three year old retired doctor --- kathryn bryan -- who has underlying health conditions -- has felt the painstaking loneliness of being sequestered in her evansville home over the last year but after having just received her second pfizer dose last week -- ""i am so proud of this card."

She is feeling optimistic about the future -- "i am looking forward to going outside more and doing more activities in the following weeks.'

Nearly forty thousand vanderburgh county residents are now immunized -- which is about twenty one percent of the population -- "the more people vaccinated -- the more protected the rest of the population is."

And while bryan feels safer now that she is fully vaccinated -- she thinks gov.

Holcomb turning the mask mandate into an advisory on april 6th is a little too lax "there's still vulnerable members of the population that are vulnerable to covid-- in fact cases have been increasing in states that have relaxed their standards -- so that is very much a concern of mine."

Nearly ten thousand people in dubois county--- and another fourteen thousand in warrick county -- -- are fully vaccinated and those numbers are expected to jump -- as those sixteen and older are eligible for their shot in the hoosier state next week... "operationally -- we're ready to handle that increased load and we understand that there will be increased vaccinations available for us to administer as well."

As for bryan -- she is glad the younger generation will now get their chance at immunity "i think that's wonderful -- and it also enhances going back to school -- i know that's been a major issue for a lot of school age people and younger children."

Getting people of all ages-- vaccinated-- gets everyone closer to the end of the pandemic in evansville marisa


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