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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Health officials urge caution over Easter holiday

Credit: KQTV
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Health officials urge caution over Easter holiday
Health officials urge caution over Easter holiday
Health officials urge caution over Easter holiday

Are going to church or getting together to eat with family tomorrow -- health officials urge you to keep your family safe in the ongoing pandemic.

<<with the potential for crowded churches and big family get-togethers over easter -- health officials are uring people to use caution.

Debra bradley, st.

Joseph health dept.: "the cdc is recommending that people stay with their households to celebrate easter and that's a great idea."and understand after a year of canceled holidays and activities, many churches and families are planning in-person celebrations.debra bradley, st.

Joseph health dept.: "people also like to celebrate with family in friends so when you do it's the same thing like we been saying, wear your mask, keep your distance, wash your hands and if you have any kind of symptoms please stay home."doctors with ku health system say for those fully vaccinated -- this easter will be a celebration.hawkinson: if you are vaccinated it is more of a glimmer of light this year compared to last year for sure."but worry new virus strains may be spread by out of town relatives and large gatherings.dana hawkinson, md, medical director of infection prevention and control: "in the united states as you know, cases being up significantly the past week, 10 days, two weeks."david wild, md, vp of performance improvement: "every day we are seeing more and more in the way of variants."more than 8,504 have died of covid-19 in missouri, and 578,973 cases have been reported.

In kansas, more than 4,932 have died and 244,916 confirmed cases have been reported.cases were finally down to the lowest point in months.hawkinson: i think the behavior has improved significantly compared to six months ago, 9 months ago and that's a good thing.

We just want to keep everybody health because as it is getting warmer we want to continue to get out and be with out with our friends and family."

However in recent weeks -- cases ticking back up again.

Wild: "for those that aren't vaccinated, remember that the level of disease transmission in the community is still significantly higher than it was this time last year."at the same time -- only 16.7 percent of missouri and 18.4 percent of kansas residents are fully vaccinated against the coronavirus (1,027,187/ 535,254).since only a fraction of people are protected against the illness, health experts say it's not the time to let your guard down.wild: "we are in a very different place than we were a year ago as far as what we know and how we can begin to think about what like, we are not quite there yet 100 percent and so we vigilant and keep you and your family safe."joseph health dept.:we encourage you to still wear your mask, keep your distance from each other."

Reporting, madeline mcclain kq2 news.

Beginning friday, april 9th, everyone 18 and older will be eligible for a covid-19 vaccination in missouri.

In kansas, everyone 16 and older is already eligible.