Transportation Security Administration

United States federal government agency

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Transportation Security Administration: United States federal government agency
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that has authority over the security of the traveling public in the United States. It was created as a response to the September 11 attacks.


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More people flying? TSA hits screens 1 million daily passengers for first time since pandemic began

The TSA crossed a long-awaited threshold Sunday, screening 1 million passengers at airport checkpoints for the first time since March 17. - Published

Airports compete for worried flyers with on-site COVID-19 testing, TSA appointments, cleaning robots

In addition to their sanitation efforts, U.S. airports are trying new strategies to boost traveler confidence, like appointments to go through TSA. - Published

Travelers left behind $900,000 (and change) at TSA security checkpoints in 2019

Air travelers left behind more than $926,000 in coins and cash at security checkpoints in 2019, according to the TSA. - Published

2/6: Pa. governor says winter storm "worse than hurricane Sandy"; TSA bans all carry-on liquids on flights to Russia

Power crews from as far away as Arkansas are working to restore power to hundreds of thousands of customers in southeastern Pennsylvania. Gov. Tom Corbett said the storm was as bad, or worse, than..
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TSA bans all carry-on liquids on flights to Russia

The TSA's ban underscores the concern behind the U.S. government's warning to airlines worldwide that terrorists may attempt to smuggle explosives inside tubes of toothpaste. Foreign intelligence..
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Fewer Airline Passengers, but a Higher Rate of Illegal Guns in Carry-On Bags

The Transportation Security Administration found three times more guns per million passengers this July than last, the agency said. - Published

TSA adds new coronavirus protections for screeners after whistleblower complaint

Starting later this month, TSA officers will be required to change their gloves more frequently and wear face shields when screening passengers. - Published

How the Pandemic Has Affected Passports, Global Entry, T.S.A. PreCheck and More

Travel is gradually returning, but not without disruptions. Here’s what to expect when applying for official travel documents and membership in security programs. - Published

Trump Deploys the Full Might of Federal Law Enforcement to Crush Protests

Nearly a dozen federal agencies — even the Transportation Security Administration — were sent to Washington and other cities after the president vowed to “dominate” protesters. - Published

TSA updates airport screening measures amid coronavirus: Face masks, food out of carry-ons, more

The Transportation Security Administration is implementing changes to its security screening process amid the coronavirus pandemic. - Published

Major U.S. airlines endorse temperature checks for passengers

A major U.S. airline trade group on Saturday said it backed the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checking the temperatures of passengers and customer-facing employees during the..
Reuters - Published

Coronavirus live updates: April jobs report coming Friday; TSA to require facial protection; Neiman Marcus files for bankruptcy

The Labor Department's April jobs report, expected to be the worst on record, is coming Friday, a day after U.S. coronavirus deaths topped 75,000. - Published

TSA to require employees to wear masks at U.S. airport checkpoints

U.S. airport security officers will be required to wear masks in screening areas, the top official with the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) told employees during a town hall..
Reuters - Published

Southwest CEO: TSA should check passenger temperatures amid coronavirus pandemic

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly said temperature checks are a must to help convince travelers it's safe to fly again. - Published

More than 400 TSA officers test positive for coronavirus; a third employee dies in Atlanta

A third TSA employee has died of the coronavirus, according to the agency, and 405 officers have tested positive at 51 airports. - Published

Second TSA employee dies from coronavirus, 373 total workers test positive

A second TSA employee, Alberto Camacho, died from coronavirus the same day the agency announced its first worker had died. - Published

TSA worker at Newark airport dies of COVID-19, becoming agency's first casualty

"Frank" Boccabella III, who worked as a explosive detection canine handler at at Newark Liberty International Airport died Thursday, TSA said. - Published

90% fewer passengers are flying than last year because of coronavirus, TSA says

TSA airport checkpoint numbers show the number of airline passengers fell below 200,000 Friday and Saturday because of the coronavirus pandemic. - Published

50 TSA screening officers and 19 more employees test positive for coronavirus

Fifty TSA screening officers and 19 additional TSA employees across the United States have tested positive for coronavirus in the last two weeks. - Published

TSA to accept some expired licenses as ID at airport security checkpoints

TSA is now allowing a grace period for those who haven't been able to get their driver's licenses renewed amid the coronavirus pandemic. - Published

To limit coronavirus exposure, U.S. airport security screeners push for better masks

A union representing U.S. airport security screeners is urging the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to supply more effective masks to protect against the spread of the new coronavirus,..
Reuters - Published

U.S. airport security screeners push for better masks to limit coronavirus exposure

A union representing U.S. airport security screeners is urging the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to supply more effective masks to protect against the spread of the new coronavirus,..
Reuters - Published

Renowned African musician says the TSA destroyed his priceless musical instrument at JFK Airport

A famed Malian musician took to social media on Wednesday to mourn the loss of a priceless instrument he claims was destroyed by the Transportation Security Administration at JFK Airport. - Published

‘Show me your full breasts’: Airport security agent tricked passenger into exposing herself, official says

‘show me your full breasts’: airport security agent tricked passenger into exposing herself, official says
An airport security official tricked a female traveller into twice showing him her breasts, a California attorney said. Johnathon Lomeli, 22, was working as a Transportation Security Administration..
WorldNews - Published

What travelers need to know as TSA, airports brace for Super Bowl LIV travelers

Long before the final matchup was set for Super Bowl LIV, airports and security officials were making game plans for dealing with an influx of flyers. - Published

T.S.A. Finds Record Number of Guns at Airports in 2019

The head of the Transportation Security Administration said that the yearslong uptick was “deeply troubling.” A vast majority of the firearms were loaded, the agency said. - Published Also reported by •

Ramy Youssef's Golden Globe trophy searched by TSA, star suggests it's over 'Muslim name'

Ramy Youssef's Golden Globe trophy was flagged at the Los Angeles International Airport days after he won lead actor in a comedy for Hulu's "Ramy." - Published

Racial bias in facial recognition software: What travelers should know as TSA, CBP expand programs

Researchers found evidence of bias against minorities in facial recognition software as its use is set to expand at airport security checkpoints. - Published

Will my flight have Wi-Fi? Can I take gifts through TSA? Holiday travel questions answered

More than 40 million passengers are expected to travel during the holiday season that runs through Jan. 5. Here's what to know if you're one of them. - Published

TSA officers find high-capacity gun magazines hidden in an infant toy at Orlando airport

TSA revealed officers discovered two high capacity magazines in an infant's toy at the Orlando International Airport. - Published

8 things to do before you get to the airport to make Thanksgiving flights go more smoothly

Don't wait to brush up on basic economy restrictions, download movies, change your seats or make sure TSA PreCheck is on your boarding pass. - Published

Holiday foods the TSA will and won't allow in a carry-on

If you're planning on bringing meal ingredients or left-overs with you on your holiday flights, this guide will come in handy. - Published

TSA testing advanced airport security technology

As the Transportation Security Administration field tests advanced screening technologies for passengers at an airport teminal in Las Vegas, researchers at the University of Rhode Island are also..
CBS News - Published

TSA testing "digital dog nose" and other tech to speed up screenings

While passengers in Vegas are helping evaluate next-generation body scanners and ID checkpoints, researchers are developing new ways to detect and neutralize explosives
CBS News - Published

84-year-old Army nurse challenges TSA Agent to push-up contest before honor flight

Lt Colonel Maggie DeSanti treated wounded soldiers as a nurse, now at 84 years old, she's challenging TSA agents to keep up with her exercise regimen. - Published

TSA found a Flamin' Hot Cheetos surprise when checking Instagram influencer’s bag

A woman was attempting to clear airport security when TSA pulled her aside to search her bag. The culprit item? Flamin' Hot Cheetos. - Published

A man tried to bring a sword in his carry-on; TSA says no weapons, 'regardless of value'

A Brazil-bound passenger tried to bring a sword through the TSA checkpoint in Newark. He was eventually allowed to fly with it as checked luggage. - Published

'God bless you': TSA officer uses Heimlich maneuver to save choking passenger

A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officer recently saved the life of a passenger at an Alaska airport when she choked on a grape. - Published

T.S.A. Reverses Ban on ‘Star Wars’-Themed Thermal Detonator Coke Bottles

Like a stormtrooper looking for droids in Mos Eisley, the agency will allow passengers to move along. - Published

Those 'thermal detonator' Coke bottles at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge won't fly with TSA

Heads up, Disney travelers: Those Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge "thermal detonator" soda bottles look cool, but they won't fly with airport security. - Published

Real ID mandatory for air travel in 2020

By October of 2020, travelers won't be able to board a flight without a REAL ID or alternative identification. At airports across the U.S., TSA officers are reminding customers. Kris Van Cleave..
CBS News - Published

TSA rolls out public awareness campaign for REAL IDs

Starting next year, American travelers will need a certified REAL ID identification card to board a plane. The TSA is rolling out a public awareness campaign about the change.
CBS News - Published

TSA says REAL ID deadline drawing near

The clock is ticking for consumers to get a REAL ID compliant form of identification to board a flight in the U.S.
CBS News - Published

Someone left this snake at Newark airport

The Transportation Security Administration reported that someone left a snake at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport. - Published

Rocket launcher found in Baltimore airport checked luggage for second time, TSA says

A second rocket launcher was recovered Thursday at Baltimore/Washington International (BWI) Thurgood Marshall Airport. - Published

Kevin Bacon's unusual TSA violation: 'I think it's my sweet potato'

It turns out, Kevin Bacon's travel snack of choice wasn't quite TSA approved, the actor and musician recalled to Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show." - Published

Pilot ‘drunk on plane’ just before take-off arrested

pilot ‘drunk on plane’ just before take-off arrested
A pilot was arrested on suspicion of being drunk while onboard a full plane ready to take off. The pilot, who works for Delta, was arrested at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport when officers..
WorldNews - Published

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