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Business Matters - BM20181231

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Business Matters - BM20181231Immigration: Have We Gotten Anywhere?

Business Matters - BM20181231

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>> "business matters" starts now.

>> good evening.

"business matters," and we are talking about an important subject all over the new, that's immigration.

We have a lot of stuff going on south of the southern border in mexico.

Why don't we go right to that, victor.

The caravan.

Right thing or wrong thing to do?

>> it's a complicated topic.

Those people are coming to the border to perform illegal act to ask for asylum.

That is the legal way.

>> they are not doing anything others have done for years.

>> our law says you go to the port of entry, the southern border and ask for asylum.

That's what they are trying to do.

>> as an immigration attorney, i have read the federal codes.

It doesn't need to be point of entry.

Title 8 of u.s. code 1158 says whether or not at a designated port of entry you can apply for asylum which is why i took objection to donald trump trying to abridge the act of congress with a port of entry.

It's in the code.

The ink is dry.

It's a legal process.

>> when you see that, you see the caravan on t.v., you see them approaching.

What are your thoughts on that?

Do you see this as an attack, in a sense, on this country en masse?

>> i see them come along the chain link fence and push it through with force.

I didn't see women and children in front of that.

It was the men.

>> that wasn't the u.s. border.

>> it's working its way up.

What you see there will happen on our border.

>> some saw the video.

Donald trump said in a political ad, he led people to believe that was happening in the u.s. border.

That didn't happen in the u.s. border.

>> my point is that's the first action of a group of people.

They went from 3,000 to 7,000.

They don't want to come in pushing their way through.

>> are you saying these are not just wonderful people looking for an opportunity?

>> there are a number of people looking for a better life.

There is a number of bad people.

I don't know the number.

>> neither does the president.

>> your thoughts?

>> you can legally come into the country.

There is a mechanism by which you can come into the country.

Starting a caravan in central america building up people and knocking down fences to get in is not the answer to immigration.

We have had immigration from the beginning of time.

Do it properly.

Starting a caravan in central america is not my idea of immigration.

>> what about that, victor?

There is a way, a process.

Is that too difficult or expensive?

>> i want to clarify something, the highest number of illegal immigrants in this country don't come from the southern border.

They come by plane on extended visas.

They come into america and say.


When you look at the number of illegal immigrants in the united states, they are not coming from the southern border.

They come by planes.

That's the problem.

It's political talk.

>> that's a logistic.

>> democrats use it as a weapon.

Republicans use it as a weapon.

>> there is a lot of confusion about what the law actually says.

A part of it is that there are strange restrictions on immigration law.

Say you came to the country, crossed the border, married a u.s. citizen, most people say you will get status.

In 1996, if you are in the country more than a year even if you are married to a u.s. citizen, you have to wait outside ten years before coming in.

You should work to make the system easier.

>> the fact that we have -- i don't know the number, what is the new number of undocumented immigrants?

>> 11,000,000.

>> the reason we have it land of opportunity, you work here for a year and you say, i'm not going back.

Things are pretty good.

I don't want to miss the point.

It speaks as this being a good place to be.

>> it is.

My ancestors came from the irish potato famine.

We would have starved to death.

That transcends through time.

>> how much of this can you take?

If you are not doing well somewhere else, you come to america because you automatically do well in america.

We have a decent economy right now.

How many for than 13,000,000 can we absorb?

>> as many as it takes.

We have more jobs than people.

>> that's bunk.

>> stay with us.

It's going to be a great show.

We'll be right back.

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If it's business, it matters.

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Now back to tony iannelli.

>> we are back, "business matters" talking about an important topic.

David, i want to get to you on this one.

When i think of the 13,000,000 and the contributions they could make to the social security system, and they could use it, is that a rapid path?

>> the way you can do it, getten i pin and pay taxes to the system.

You are not eligible for social security.

A study at wha business school it is a positive effect on state, local and federal government.

>> when you say donald trump, he hasn't changed the laws.

He's started to enforce what wasn't being enforced.

What's wrong with that?

>> what is kind of inaccurate, the attorney general, jeff sessions, changed fundamental case law in immigration.

Ina the act that made immigration in the united states has not changed but the interpretation of the law has.

Under case law you were able to say people fleeing gang violence could apply for asylum.

Jeff sessions said no.

>> he enforced what was on the books is what you are saying?

>> he created a new enforcement tool.

>> 11,000,000, 13,000,000, i have read the net of expenses, housing, going to school, medical for 13,000,000 immigrants is $125 billion cost a year federal and state.

I can't separate -- >> our government subsidized -- >> i have no problem with people coming legally.

I would love them to pay taxes.

The majority of immigrants $13 million don't pay taxes.

They work under the table.

>> i don't think the majority.

>> i don't agree with you.

For the last ten years, the perception for the immigration community, any minute we'll get immigration reform.

For the last ten years, as soon as immigration reform happens, you have to prove you have been here a certain amount of time and you contribute.

For the last ten years, illegal immigrants, they have tax i.d.

Numbers and do taxes and file their taxes.

They don't get refunds, but they pay taxes because of the hope when immigration reform happen, they'll be able to say i have been here five or ten years paying taxes and no criminal record.

For the last ten years, we have x amount of undocumented immigrants have been contributing to the economy.

>> when i talk about the $130 billion deficit, more like $180 billion, they are paying taxes, not enough to cover expenses.

We have to cover our expenses.

>> legitimizing the people -- we have lost the path -- there was a quick path to citizenship.

>> we had a bipartisan bill pass the senate by 68 votes, john mccain, marco rubio onboard with this, giving us a $700 billion increase in revenue.

>> because they are paying and legitimizing -- >> it was not brought to the floor by john bay nard.

This is a classic example of republican interference with a bipartisan agreement to help the system, address the causes.

>> is anyone surprised how silent the democrats have been on the caravan?

>> not exactly.

What i'm listening to here -- and i guess he they would have me believe that illegal immigrants are a plus for the economy, many thing in the united states.

Say you are an illegal immigrant with three children school age, 30 to $40,000 to educate the children.

Chances are, they are not skilled laborers, not going to get a job for $30 an hour.

Illegal immigration cost us money.

People that pay taxes every day, illegal immigration costs us money.

Our border are not safe because bad people are coming across the border.

>> not anyone is saying we should open the borders and let everyone in.

>> what do you do about those crossing the border now?

>> we need to use technology.

>> are you for the wall?

>> absolutely.

>> are you for the wall?

>> the wall is not going to do anything.

The drugs are not coming through the wall, it's coming through the tunnels.

It's coming underneath the wall.

That's the problem.

>> as a person who has been in touch with the radio station of the latino community, what would you say would be the fix in this thing?

You are for enforcing legal immigration.

Are you for a quick path with the existing people of quicker path to citizenship?

>> number one, reinforce the border, more police, more law enforcement.

>> you are okay with that?

>> absolutely okay with that.

>> david, are you good with that?

>> i think if we are going to come to reform, there is going to be give and take on each side.

>> tell me what you think?

Would you be for the wall?

>> no.

>> are you for stricter enforcement?

More strict enforcement, or it's too legal to be a citizen?

>> it's difficult not impossible.

>> what kind of money do you pay to become an american citizen?

>> first they have to wait seven year, and that's ideal, marry a united states citizen spouse.

>> you meet someone from puerto rico -- >> sorry, i apologize, n nicaragua.

Used to be immediacy, right?

>> no.

The processing time including interviews takes a year-to-year and a half.

That gets you a provisional green card you have for two years until it's lifted.

Three to five years after that you can apply for citizenship.

>> rough number you say it costs $5,000, $2,000, 150 bucks?

>> filing fees are thousands of dollars.

>> say it's a an a nicaraguaen married to an american citizen and they have a child.

It's an american citizen, right?

>> if the you get the child across the border, it's an american citizen but the mother is separated from the baby for seven years.

>> the child legal or illegal entry?

>> typically, in order to get the automatic citizenship, it's admission of a legal status.

>> gotcha.

>> both parties to a certain degree, democrats and republicans, their heart has not been in it.

Barack said i'll straighten out immigration.

He didn't get it done.

>> obama was known as the deporter in chief.

>> i go by what i read and hear on t.v.

>> you have 5,000 people stuck in tijuana, coming over everywhere else $5,000 a day.

Tha's nothing compared to the other side.

>> we'll be back, "business matters," talking immigration.

>> you are watching "business matters."

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Now, back to "business matters."

>> hey, we are back, "business matters."

We are with the producer michelle young.

Is this a good show?

You have a question?

Fire away.

>> i do have a question.

Should undocumented workers working in america, when you said it takes seven years to get citizenship, be allowed to drive?

New jersey is looking at joining 12 other states, should we allow them to have drivers licenses?

>> they are here anyway.

They are going to drive anyway, might as well help them get insurance so you, me and everyone else is covered.

That's the argument.

They are here.

They are not going anywhere.

Give them an i.d.

So they can have insurance and -- >> right now, they are driving and hold your breath.

>> yes, they are driving.

That's the reality.

>> can they not get insurance?

>> no, they cannot.

>> in places they allow drivers license for people without status in the united states, you still go through the process of learning to drive, learning the traffic symbols and everything.

It makes the roads safer when you have licensed drivers.

>> we are down in the weeds.

I want to go to 30,000 feet.

Do we have an immigration problem in the united states?

On this side, you say yes.

This president, from your perspective is doing what you want him to do?

He's enforcing the laws relative to immigration?

>> he's enforcing the laws.

Can like or dislike his personality, i could care less.

In this country, you come through the front door not the back door.

I don't agree with the majority of people being here five years and 15 years.

They should be able to get citizenship they have a job and no criminal history.

>> if you look at the last 10 to 12 years, we have seen a decline on illegal immigration.

During the obama term there was a net zero immigration.

How can you say we have an immigration problem?

The immigration is declining.

>> you don't need to come to the united states.

You can come central america, the automobile plants.

The economy in mexico is better than any other time.

Do they seek refuge in mexico?

>> absolutely.

>> i don't think so.

>> we are the golden goose.

I don't blame them.

>> if you are fleeing gang violence, there is still the cartel in mexico.

If your goal is to be safe, you are going to a country not run by drug cartels.

>> the problem in central america is corruption caused by drugs and cartels.

Who is the number one consumer of drugs?

We are.

There are those there that say we are causing the problem because the cartels bring their drugs here.

We are the number one consumer of drugs.

>> we are the number one consumer of a lot of things.

>> in fairness, it's a big country.

That causes the cartels to be corrupt, kill people in el salvador as well.

>> what do you say to the argument that people will come across the border because they want to be paid for by americans paying taxes.

Is it true?

>> who knows?

Everybody's different.

The bottom line is, they are coming to the country because they want to be in the country.

We have to figure out a way to do it in a quick, swift, fairway instead of jamming into the country with $5,000.

>> they want to work.

>> i was going to ask you that, victor.

You are involved in the latino community.

Most are trying to husband el?

>> they want to work.

They are working long hours.

They are paid below the minimum wage because people take advantage of them.

>> go to the orange groves in florida.

They are collecting fruits and vegetables.

They get paid a lot of them, less than minimum wage.

>> from the people you know, do they want to love the country?

I'm trying to make the emotional piece, are they here to grab what they can and get out?

>> no.

They come and stay.

They are looking for ways to make themselves legal.

They get a tax i.d.

To start paying taxes?


They are under the impression and belief that, that will help them become legal citizens.

>> glen or ron, ice, are you glad -- they have a job to do.

Do you agree with that?

>> they are doing a hell of a job in a tough situation.

They have everyone banging from the media to democrats and republicans, banging on these people.

They do a great job.

They are not looking to fire into a crowd.

That's not going to happen.

You can't just force your way through and intimidate us.

That's not going to happen.

Ice is very good at what they do but they don't have enough resources so they brought in the military.

>> to that point, instead of the military, if you brought in 3,000 asylum officers to adjudicate the cases -- >> but they are seeking criminals who -- >> well, so isis seek people that don't have status in the united states.

If you enter on a b visa, there is no criminal matter and ice is enforcing civil law.

That's the disconnect.

They are not just going after hardened criminals.

>> would you say that's the priority?

I think under obama it was.

Trump it's people owning businesses.

>> take it, michelle.

It's yours.

>> how do you feel?


"business matters" is the show.

>> you are watching "business matters" because if it's business, it matters.

>> miss an episode of "business matters"?

Catch up online.

Go to"business matters" to watch the most recent episode.

Now back to tony iannelli.

>> we don't have much time.

Sanctuary cities, trouble you, concern you?

>> sad that we have such a thing.

>> what was the genesis of a sanctuary city?

>> not utilizing local police to enforce federal immigration laws.

If you are a police officer and you are called to a domestic disturbance, you don't ask what is your status before you report your husband is beating you.

The reason being, you don't want people victims of crime to be afraid of calling the police.

Now i'm afraid police are going to ask my status.

I'm a victim of a crime.

I'm not calling police.

>> in that splissic term, you are right.

It's well past simplistic.

If i was in san francisco, i would be upset.

>> the crime is there because nancy pelosi is there, probably.

>> if they wanted criminals there, they would get the trump transition teample team.

>> do you agree with it?

>> i think it makes sense budget wise.

Local police officers have a lot to do with and they should focus on crime.

>> and they are not trained in federal law either.

>> immigrants, a federal convict or whatever, they have him.

They let him go to get into the focus.

>> where do they have to let you go?

>> they don't let you go in those cities?

>> no, they don't.

If you are a convicted felon or wanted by any agency, they don't let you go.

>> we heard or read there was a person with a third offense and they didn't turn them over to ice or whomever because of sanctuary cities.

>> right.

Every case is different.

There are bad people, absolutely.

All forms. you are going to have some of those, but when you look at the percentage of what we are trying to accomplish, not utilizing the police to enforce local law, they are not trained to.

15 seconds, parting thoughts.

David, start us off?

>> we have a long way to go to make an equitable immigration system.

We need to focus on people coming out of the shadows to contribute.

>> victor martinez?

>> the problem is not the southern border.

We can see the studies, the immigration has declined.

The real problem is what to do with the 13, 12, 11,000,000 already here.

>> ron angle?

>> it's part of national defense.

You have borders because this is your country.

You have your laws.

You govern the way you see fit.

They want to pretend there is no border and they can come and go as they wish.

They can't do it.

>> both republicans and democrats have to get off of their asses and do something.


That solves 90% of the problem.

That starts first.

Everthing else will work out.

>> you even got applause.

Don't forget, if it's business, it matters.


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