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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Midmorning With Aundrea - October 18, 2019 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - October 18, 2019 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - October 18, 2019 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Part 2 of 2) In this segment, Gayle King sits down with Tyler Perry to discuss his new movie production studio in Atlanta.

Atnta atlanta continues to grow as a film and television hub.

Atlanta, is in fact, home to tyler perry's historic and massive new movie studio complex.

The site features a dozen sound- stages named after black icons in hollywood .

Perry is the creative force behind 22 movies, 20 plays and eight t-v shows.

The 50- year- old writer, director áandá actor told gayle king what inspires him to think ábig.á 1.

Tyler perry studios time: :00-:12, 2: tyler perry/media mogul time: :22-:33, 1:34-1:37 3.

Own network/oprah's legends ball/ 2005 time: :50-:54 the star studded grand opening of his new film studio is quite literally a dream come true for tyler perry... i wanna tell you somethin'.

There was a moment that happened in 2005 at-- the legends ball.

I promise you.

And i wish people really-- that's oprah's legends ball-- oprah's legends ball.


She invited me there.

//my first movie had just come out , diary of a mad black woman had just come out, first movie.

Not a lotta people knew me in the room.

And i'm sittin' there wondering, "what am i doin' i this room."

An yolanda adams sitting next to me.

I think i said it out loud 'cause she goes, "yo belong in the room."

Leavin there, seeing it, touching it, tasting it, feeling it, the excitement of what it meant to see a woman, a black woman, be able to do that spoke to me in so many ways.

And i'm on video sayin', listen, in my cartier glasses, my zoot suit thinkin' i'm lookin' great, i said & it opened me up to believing anything is possible.

// in many ways it seems to me like you're just getting started yeah, because-- // at 28 i went into is sll ' this shell 'cause i started touring, doing 300- something shows a year.// so somewhere around 44, 45 i came out of it and i go, "wait minute, where did all those years go?"

So now feel like i'm still 35.

So i feel like i'm just gettin' started.

I really-- there's nothin' about me that feels like 50, whatever that's supposed to mean.

--- everything i've done for the last five, seven movies has been done here.

The land that is now tyler perry studios spans 330 acres with 12 sound stages.

There's even a white house replica... this is the oval office.

It looks just like it does on tv, tyler-- uh-huh.

But before perry brought hollywood to atlanta, this was once fort mcpherson military base- a confederate stronghold... the property that slaves built.

That-- was-- once a confederate army base.

// think about the poetic justice in that.

The confederate army is fighting to keep negroes enslaved.

America, fighting, strategy, planning on this very ground.

And now this very ground is owned by me.

It's an extraordinary accomplishment for perry who's journey includes overcoming abuse during his childhood, and at one point losing everything- including his home.

But now, his ride to work is a reminder of how far he's come&.

Mean to you to see that on the highway?

And it's a bona fide highway sign.// the first time i saw it, it was next to sylvan road, which i remember when i moved to atlanta i moved off of sylvan road with my cousin and got put outta house, had no money, that kinda thing.

So i'm lookin' at sylvan road.

When i came here believing-- the thing that made me come here was that something in the-- air here, black people were doin' well.

I felt like this was the promise land.

In the '90s there was a great migration to atlanta.

I was one of those people.

And then to see my name next to that moment i just-- it-- it took me-- took my breath away.

I just-- i'm like, "okay you're on the highway so you can't stop.

You don't wanna get killed here in this moment," bu it was really powerful- people know your story.

You were homeless, you literally slept in your car.

You're six- five.

What kinda car was it?

Geo metro.

Pretty tough.


That's about this-- size of this chair-- the-- this chair.

That's right.

Convertable but, tyler-- what is it that you think that this happened to you that you do really well, that you're really proud of as you sit here today?// // i work very, very hard.

This entire journey of-- telling stories was born outta pain, born outta heartache, born out of-- being an abused kid who could go inside of his head and create a world and imagination.

Also that-- same abused kid watching his mother-- there's nothin' like a boy- child-- i don't know what it's like for a girl.

But a man-child watchin' his mother gettin' beat and there's nothing he can do, my-- my desire-- and heart to make her laugh and feel better was so strong and s-- you know, if i could make a joke or if i could imitate her or my aunt and make her laugh, or some of the women she played cards with on friday nights, all of that was so powerful and so important to me.

Today, perry and gelila bekele are parents to their 4 year old son aman.

They have been cautious of keeping him out of the spotlight& //you have called him a healer for you-- yeah.

For real.

What do you mean by that?

Because i look at him and-- i'm looking at myself at that age.

And i'm wondering how anybody could be cruel and unkind to this-- this little level of pure innocence and beauty and-- and-- and love.

And love.

I-- i had to discipline him one day because was havin' a problem with a--nanny // and he's just in the bathroom, he doesn't wanna brush his teeth.

// i asked the nanny to leave and // i'm tellin' him how i much i love mom and i love him and how disrespectful this is // "you'r such a smart kid.

Why are you doin' this?

You can't behave this way 'cause other kids do that.

This is not what you do."

// so i' trying to finish and he's just cryin' // he said, "papa, i'm s sorry.

// i run outta the room, right-- be-- without him noticing it because it broke me.

I realized that nobody had ever talked to me like a person as a child.


Nobody had ever talked to me like a human being.


So that's what i mean when i say my-- my healer.

I'm-- every t-- every time i talk imto him, every time i hug him, every time i love him, let him know he's special, there's something in me that's being healed.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I-- i would love for my son, first of all, just to be an amazing person.


You talk so lovingly about aman.

Is it impolite to say can you now have a little baby girl?


Very rude.

That's rude.

We'll be right back to wrap th andor that and more on the next midmorning.

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