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Friday, March 5, 2021

Full Speech - President Trump holds rally in Tupelo

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Full Speech - President Trump holds rally in Tupelo
Full Speech - President Trump holds rally in Tupelo
Nov. 1, 2019

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>> welcome back everyone to w t v a nine news we understand that president donald trump has now.

Entered the bank corp.

South arena.

He is on stage.

There were waiting to give you a live picture off.

The rally like i said he should be at the podium.

We should be able to get him live and.

His speech addressing almost ninety five hundred people.


>> shipping shipping and by the way.

>> the place of a gentleman not too many people ahead of him elvis being with thousands of incredible patriots who put their faith in god family and country days from now stake will head to the pants and vote to continue our extraordinary progress with your next governor republican take leaves republican leadership jobs are booming confidences sewing wages a rising crime is failing and our nation is stronger than ever before and economic we'd never been in a position like it we've rebuilt our military way and.

We have financial strength and by the way for those of you with a thing for one case the stock market hit today another air time historic i mississippi has reached ever recorded every week.

That's not bad when you're on the debate stage on you say we have the best economy we've ever had with this military we've ever.

Had theo best unemployment and employment numbers we've ever had the best president thank you thank you way.

We've confirmed more than one hundred and fifty eight brand new beautiful.

Federal judges to uphold our constitution in a very short while we'll have one hundred and eighty two federal judges president obama left us one hundred forty two thank you very much thank you very much president.

He left us one hundred forty two openings can you believe that is supposed to leave none.

When you leave office.

But that didn't work out too well.

Just days ago the united states brought the world's number one terrorist leader to justice.

We have great military.

It was very very depleted when i came into office it was very very depleted but it ain't depleted anymore.

Al baghdadi the founder and leader look you know you've heard about him for a long time i kept saying where is our baghdadi?

That's the one i want where is he and then by the way the following day we got number two.

I don't know if you read about but he was the founder in the leader of isis and he's dead and baghdadi.

He was a savage and soulless monster but his reign of terror is over.

American special operators executed a masterful raid that ended his wretched life and punched out his ticket to hell i guess.

He spent his last miserable moments on earth cowering and trembling and crying in fear of the american warrior that was right there going right no enemy stands a chance against the righteous bite of the united states military on mississippi loves our military that i can tell you in our military loves mississippi america is winning again and america is all over the world respected again.

While we're creating jobs and killing terrorists the democrat party has gone completely insane.

The radical left is determined to transform america into a country you would not recognize we are the ones standing in their way and we will never get out of their way it will be easy from even before we won the election the far left democrats and the fake news media right back there look at all of them all.

It's too bad we get such good ratings because if we didn't they wouldn't be here.

Look at how many it's like the academy awards before it failed and you know why it failed because they disrespected us.

But the media and the democrats have been engaged in a corrupt partnership trying to impose their will and to thwart american democracy by any means necessary you see what's going on first they engineered the russia hopes that was a total hoax the signal greatest lies ever voice stewed upon the american people.

When the mother witch hunt it never ended with eighteen angry democrats and an unlimited budget let's go get him that didn't work out too well did it that physics a lot of bad people along the way and now corrupt politicians nancy pelosi on shifty adam schiff shifting on the media are continuing with deranged impeachment which this is one i never thought i'd be involved in the word impeachment to me it's a dirty word not a good word totally phony deal they know it.

Everybody knows it and that's why we've never had greater support than.

We have right now it's true and if you think you have a lot of people in this room all you have to do is go outside you'll see a lot more people trying to get so if anybody wants to give up your seat please just walk out somebody anybody want live because there really is no place better have a rally have a good time friday right democrats to potentially know five out of sixty three million americans disgracing themselves and women show bombed has represented they've been plotting to every three of since.

The moment i won but the people here really sophisticated before i run nineteen minutes after the photograph of the heart of folk make rushing about to impeach president trip has just began at least give us nineteen minutes by the radical democrats is an attack on democracy itself but i tell you republicans are strong.

The strongest i've ever seen the most unified american people hoaxes and extremism democrats rages has created an angry majority many do nothing democrats out twenty twenty.

Make no mistake we're coming after the republican party and because i'm i'm fighting for you they like this's different admit that election like twenty sixteen either.

Did you do that and they know they can't win so that's shine impeach him about that crazy representative teach him because we can't be i don't think so.

I think think he's another beauty.

Democrats me and the deep so desperate to stop us and it's not me.

It's acid universe it's sixty three million but it's much more than sixty three million much and right now our numbers are higher than ever before said.

I've never been because they wear and that's what we're doing.

And that's retz.

Took it up so much time we're draining nothing.

Democrats in the bag their spine expanding actually spied on my campaign can you believe it?

I mean you know they try to say well we're actually just checking things out.

The first sign over the past three years before i ever even announced they were spying i guess they knew we were gonna win right with that past three years is finally being expected and remember this is the truth.

Is a force of nature meant to conceal the misdeeds the democrats are now attacking us call about about the grave corruption of the bag ones just like men.

When we pointed at cricket shocking and very many misdeeds thirty three thousand e mails disappeared but she said i had to do.

Is looking out for her daughter's wedding.

She's a beauty about.

Last week i don't know testing gabbert is but i know one thing she's not.

An agent of russia and just time she's a greeny.

That's fine way love the environment everybody in this room you know right now we have the cleanest air and between that we've ever had and yet i'm number one in the world and enters you just stein's your last time i don't know but i know she's not an agent of russia on one of their staffers to step into a bath of russia agent when she made that statement about made three years ago to team used to get out of that whole stupid.

She made it about that everybody left because of what reproved and i tell you that these are very bad people he's a very dishonest people and the media is worse than all of them.

Democrats are now trying to pay just beaten with.

We don't have too much political experience i did a good job but lots of buildings all over the place had great success in showbiz is just one show was called the apprentice and it was thirteen seasons crazy arnold took over.

Didn't do it oh it was dead.

It was dead from the first episode i saw him i said oh it's terrible.

What have they done to this beautiful show?

They just beat political experience.


>> i'm a dynasty and defeating me.

I'm crooked clinton death he was surprised every time i've actually seen a card when it came to trying to be trouble remember hey and then they think that they could.

Take us out a different way.

Very dishonestly right with the lying and the spying and the leaking and we are kicking the rest.

Democrat fantasy i'm now supposed to be a flow of someone then percent you used to come one percent because he could never get one percent in the primaries.

Let me get out of the trash heap because president was president.

But we have now named him very sleepy jail.

He's gotten.

I'm afraid if he gets the nomination we'll have traded the boats industry as opposed to the highest rated debates in history i took your memory.

In fact i even think that sleepy joe dinner but many people said.

You know it's so i don't want to talk about their campaign or did you hear baby?

Did you at best?

He was pathetic.

Number the arms are flailing.

He ran against ted cruz ted cruz one.

He spent on this one hundred million dollars and ted cruz and i have ten and that we can't be together.

And it was good but i used to watch him then when he came on to the really big stages crazy stage i noticed he was flowing with the arms and he was standing on terrible's.

He was turning on countertops.

I said does he ever extend on the floor and speak but he's rave his arms and gone crazy.

And i said get the hell is he doing that is you and you remember?

He made the statement that he was born for this anybody that says.

He was born for.

This they're in trouble you know.

Use said.

Guys come into my office sir i'm the greatest salesman everybody considered you know the truth is anybody that says they're great.


Usually they're not a very good salesman stroke which the squeaky ones in the back that check you don't know about they're other ones that baby was misty sir but he was born for it.

Like he was born from heaven.

He came down on.

If that's the case it's some really bad things.

Happened because you made a total for a lot of himself.

The great state of texas.

He came out of texas very hot.

>> political properly and.

He went back as cold as you khun b who's a nasty guy.

But in a couple of policies that they work in the state of texas right he was against religion he was against you having a gun and he was against it.

So you come from texas whalen junior you don't have guns i don't know that's not a good combination is that that's not good in mississippi.

He went back to texas and.

Hopefully we won't be here in him for a long time.

It's amazing how you could get so quickly.

But he was a nasty guy.

But in the twister it's a great place.

But in the very twisted and adam schiff you have the entire political establishment and that moves bush met moons temperament moon's over that have supposedly saying to myself i see i got a guy named sleeping beat.

Could beat him.

Don't beat this guy.

He's such a great plan she was easy right obama was easy to understand the rizzi but sleepy joe.

I'm worried about so i said to myself you know i just there's only one way let's call up ukraine for help.

These people are sick.

These people are sick now these dishonest people will take the list little sliver in the first little sliver and that because they're so dááá this arm and they just let's use ukraine for help that's what they're going to say that the one show and they won't show the sarcasm and share the fun because they're the most dishonest people almost it's a disgrace way.

Here's the good news the people get it hand president in ukraine good guy by the way a person man i have no idea and and i know many people in the family because when you can leaders of country many people listen and i'm in the same and their name to say this window present just got.

There called to congratulate him.

Please could you have made please you.

And in the name of the car and he's a mess guy and hopefully he's going to root out corruption because ukraine has tremendous corruption problems and one of the reasons i have all many unimportant corruption but the other reason why is germany and france and uk and all of these european nation they do things that they're supposed to do so i made this clear had this wonderful and the transcript foods that was as a perfect it was perfect.

Who was it like?

Almost it was perfect.

It was totally appropriate.

I made it at the behest of people to say could you kran say now i'm an honest person anyway but do you think that i'm making a call to a newly elected president of a country that i would say something improper when i never saw so many listen in on the line for many people wait we have the secretary of state pump a great guy he's listening you have traded scrappers.

Fortunately you have policy experts junior staffers probably a print i and they had me making some kind of a deal with all these people and remember the new president of ukraine speaking to the united states of america the president i guarantee he's got a lot of people think these people are set so meditation shift adam schiff actually stood before congress and stood before the american people and made up a conversation.

Then he said i had with ukraine in president and.

Many people said that it was a time he said terrible things.

The president of ukraine said it was a very good conversation there was no.



Foreign minister said the same thing they must think we're nets to be honest it's funny doing this whole impeachment scam to try to undermine the twenty twenty election to de legitimatize one of the rarest elections moby the greatest let's give george washington that everybody expected.

He was going to wait say my perfect and and if you read the transcript you see how perfect it was but the crypt.

But what you should do is take a look at.

The behavior off sloppy joes so i've said you act like him i'm going to speak really.

Slow there.

I said you're not getting a billion.

I looked at them and.

I said in six hours with the prosecutors in fired you're not getting the money you understand you're not getting that money.

>> then it goes that way and i didn't know he had this kind of energy.

Goes well.

Son of a bitch he got you know i was impressed because i mean i didn't know you.

Had energy the brain power out doesn't drop it let you know when you have one percent.

There's always a reason he should be there as you know the ukraine prosecutor that bag got fired after threatening to withhold.

I think it was a billion dollars or something in a was the prosecutor investigating his sense company that was paying hundred back a guy just got thrown out of the navy he was paying the money even though working for an energy company he had no experience with energy he knew less about it than this.

Yeah you six eyes young beautiful person six and.

This young six year older smarter so i think it basically go with her.

So what is it about?

It's called a pay off but you know the fake news they apologize.

I watched this heiberg i got lousy ratings.

Anderson cooper hate me between him and you get that's grandma fada that's in the movie that sanderson cooper and.

I let him apologize for even asking the question to biden the good news is bag didn't know too much about what the hell he was talking about.

Remember by said i don't know these people i don't know he never spoke to a cell about getting millions of dollars.

He never smoked.

It didn't happen to see victor think of just went down with life he never spent teo and four next thing one on the world of the internet in the world of smart people that's what i like beta wasn't smart.

Couldn't handle it.

I told my wife i said see it's not so easy.

I told a great first lady tonight.

Who people live like he quit like a dog when i quit i should see people think this is easy.

This is easy you know just work that there will be biden's sir i never met the people that i met the gentleman unfortunately in about ten seconds.

Picture came out with their playing golf together.

But these mental so now we wait together for three years i never mentioned the fact that they're paying my son millions but the press protection.

What's this crazy anderson cooper third great lacerating steroid person but this is cnn the worst time in other words i just wanna see the light like you fake cnn stuff.

I tried not to do that because i see the light on when the light goes on that means your life.

Now that moves your life on dh every time it's tough fairness they're putting it on.

It's a broadcast with a few people in that room that they might be watching us i guess they do watch that thing and then you have to get the song that they're fake that they're no good that the flowers and cheaters that the forties it's hard to be broadcasting that when you talk about the network that as you want so you understand the rights and then remember this anderson could what a beauty used to interview me he was so nice probably running for politics he was so nice to me it was like they were left tests but i don't want anything to do with him.

Yes his week.

He's a real person but they're weak but let me just let me just tell you something way we need honestly with our media the new york times the washington post about i don't know you probably read it way threw him out.

Of the way as we don't show him any more and they came into my office.

And i got to get back to this guy wears wearing a t shirt made with his underwear.

Is hunter.

He then came out.

He did the morning shane that was the last week.

You wanted that was the morning of his father's very bad debate that was where's have to put before you?

Say the final thing on hunter and then we put him to rest for a while we get rid of.

The washington passed on the failing new york times we get rid of him right we don't have that you people can go out of my way.

Used them stacked up going in that cia meeting with my people and they're dealing with china then i'm going and it's going to these offices ten of fifteen of impact the rash impulsive tramps i keep trying to figure out who's worse and you know one.

Day's attends one day when they're supposed to top each other their serpent it's so for me it's in my opinion it's virtually corrupt.

I've never seen you never have a good soon i'm even way when we got there i had a story that he was like a great religious lack that the other thing is bombing would have done it because what this guy did isis hey it was a size physically tired of the state of the higher the great state of ohio.

That's a big plot of land seven million people and.

They're the ones the jumps.

It's i called a lot of the parents after we did this and i talked to him and.

They were.

How can you be happy but they were so thrilled that we got this animal.

They were so through but you don't have and way because it's right that fairy was a massive story that was the biggest may be the biggest one of the biggest ever bigger than anything.

That story disappeared so fast and that's okay.

I don't do it for the story.

I did it because it's the right thing to do but that if i were a democrat you'd be talking about that story for weeks with me they don't even wanna actually played it down and actually and i'm happy about his time in that more publicity than me conor's incredible and tony is coming to the house in a few weeks but it is.

Did you ever see a story disappears?

We're here.

If obama had that stir that things would be going in for another seven months they'd be talking about his bravery and gravy.

But again one hundred thirty two judges he gave us remember that how can you build great you know the most important thing.

The president can do federal judges we got two supreme courts great and cavin are great.

Judges did you ever see any human boone treated worse than now.

Justice cabinet did anybody ever?


Anybody was any human being by these people this heart have people that we have to deal with just just to finish so hunter then goes to china and i'm doing with china right now they don't like too much.

They dream about the day when somebody else and would they liketo have high about this you give this son who has zero experience with investing too you get one point five billion dollars to invest money makes millions and millions of dollars and the biggest guys on wall street can't it.

He walks out with one point five billion dollars and.

Then there are other places also i understand folks it's disgraceful at the press doesn't cover it for hours sleepy joe with the sun getting this money from china become president and take todo.

They're not like you knew that the first year that they've had in fifty seven years.

The supply chain is broken.

I like scrambled eggs and they want to make a move because those tabs given us millions of dollars and billions billions and billions of gallons were taking billions.

Wait son it's just a small portion but one hundred percent taken care of farmers at sixteen billion dollars last year because they targeted our farmers because they know the farmers who have trump trump grabs the hammers so they're targeted them on their boat the sixteen billion down to practically nothing and.

They thought all farmers with way trump they did just the opposite.

They said wait we know how he's doing.

The right thing because we've been ripped off for so many years i said to him i said to secretary of agriculture said you're doing cindy.

How much did they spend buying our corn and soybeans and all of their agricultural product?

He said.

Sir sixteen.

Billion dollars.

They said good i make it and we're gonna have a lot left over so we will have pretty soon.

A billion dollars in money paid him to the united states treasury by country that never gave us ten cents.

They only and i said to the farmers with send you sixteen billion.

It's already been sent that has been spreading the twelve billion the year before.

We think of that twenty billion compliments of china way obama would do that i don't think so you think you can do that we're sleepy judge would do that.

I don't think so.

He wouldn't know what you're talking about.

On tuesday the people people of mississippi were sent democrats clear message is very important for this reason as well as the fact that you have a great gentlemen and your midst but you have to reject extremism and the socialism in corruption that corrupt adam schiff is a crypt politician.

Well when he made that phony speech where he made up a really horrible speech and said that i said it i said i'm going to sue him.

They said sam sell you can't he's got total immunity because you made it in congress.

Can you believe it?

But you know here's the good news at least we have a phone we have a place we could talk so everyone knows what's going on bunch of funny people but this is.

What i have to send a signal and you have to make take proves your growth i think he's a great guy too.

No loved and respected by your current governor because phil is send piece of your famous so confident i filled her for senate office that i wanted him to do something i've tried to get him but you know simply as a confident phil said.


So i've been doing this all my life.

I love the people he picked the most beautiful african american museum.

He's the greatest but he burnt the best beautiful.

He's get confidence and he said.

I couldn't do that.

I don't really want to do that and she said that's enough.

Most people are saying in secure they keep going going going it's not good i like chills attitude but it was good but i get introduced them second but take three who for endorses and views as a champion for your stone and trampling for mississippi values and to have to cut your taxes over fifty times including the largest tax crap in mississippi history.

His he's pro jobs.

He's family.

He's it is a true moon leader in the fight to protect the deciders not.

Take relieves disappeared century sanctuary cities which is just terrible and always defend your second amendment turning against a democrat named jim hood now jim head is he backed cricket who canton and barack hussein obama we wanted a bomb in a win so bad men wanted that smith the kind of guy we need here.

Not in mississippi.

He supported by extreme leftist stay here booms who by the way went down to defeat in front of a terrific gentlemen from the great circle georgia brand camp on.

They came in with that had.

President obama had michelle they came in on.

His trip everyone but stacy abrams wants to give legal ones right tio i mean some of these people they want to give them education they want to give him this they want to get him free.

Help care they want to give these people come into our country illegally advantages that our own citizens have more advantages that one minute once you raise your taxes he supported taxpayer funded for prevented illegal immigration.

And there's a travel ban which is that we won in the united states supreme court to keep out of our country to the united nations and opposed to self defense.

If you democrat running mississippi red a minute how's this guy?

I can't believe this is a competitive embarrassing.

I'm taking the mississippi you know i'm talking to mississippi i can't believe it i don't think that he's gonna be be that way you around his take room.

She's going to be fantastic.

Governor take come on up thank you mr president because mississippi is donald j trump country no.

>> gave you almost sixty percent of in two thousand sixteen and next year.

We're going to do even better it is a strong leader.

He is the right leader to defeat radical liberals who have taken over the democratic party have been trying to remove our president from office.

Sister ve day he was sworn in and that means they have disrespected us.

Jim hood does not spent stand with our president he stands with the radical liberals when they tried to the president on border security jim hood stood with the liberals when the choice was donald j trump our cook it hillary jim heard stood with clinton and today with the election just days away i'm standing with president donald trump and jim hood is standing with the liberals now mississippi it is time to choose.

It is time to stand up and be counted.

Are we going to stand with president donald trump.

Are you going to stand with me on tuesday?

Let's stand up to.

Keep america great let's stand up toe too conservative.

The president donald j trump i made you support and.

Most importantly on tuesday i need your vote thank you thank you take tuesday go out and vote for tape.

He'll never let you down and don't get yourself your second amendment.

Is under attack not with him it's under attack.

So also joined tonight by a man who's julie and i sort of said it a lot but he's been a great governor on dh he loves your state.

He loves the people of this great.

State governor bryant santo castillo wait somebody should stand up to the name of.

This is bad thank you thank you what a job what a great job that they continue that whole thing going forward so another man is a lawyer friend of mine.

Whenever there's a problem he's there he's always there.

He'll be right at the front.

Is tough he's mad he's brilliant actually and.

He loves this state and he loves you people senator roger wicker frank's roger thank you roger and somebody else because believe it or not she is running with me.

She just sits in do you just ran you just won she said.

Now i have to do it again.

She's running in twenty twenty.

I thought should have like six years said.

Cindy it's only like a year cindi i'd smith she's incredible she's with us.

Cindy who is this guy?

Incredible wake and be proud.

Of and let me tell you something best tuesday mississippi can send a message to the entire nation we can let the liberal democrats with their socialist agenda no it may be alive and well in the heart of nancy pelosi but it is dead in mississippi.

Wait way for drug smugglers to come.


I can't let them know that to kill an unborn baby is not a human right it is crowd tonight.

Next tuesday let's go out and vote let's support governor tate reeves lets a bad days.

Mississippi republican candidate go out and show the president ahmed's way appreciate him right now.

Great job a fantastic woman wait does too terrific friends of mine that like roger and like cindy hide smith and like all of them and take he's gonna be right there he'll be right up there with us we're fighting together to incredible people trent callie mike go incredible people and your next lieutenant governor delbert husband your next attorney general fitch secretary of state my girl too great your next state treasure david mcrae state auditor shed right commissioner andy gibson insurance commissioner mike cheney and govern a man that nobody's ever heard of in this room i'm sure but the truth is he's a legend.

In battle sticks and a great guy.

He's a great guy hey babar thank you helen great guy.

So with the help of everyone here who the hottest account of me and and we've created over six point seven million new jobs since the election.

If i would have said during the campaign that i would create six point seven million new jobs since the election these people would have gone crazy.

They would have said had things they would have said it's impossible on a payment is reached right in over fifty one years no get american unemployment just drop to.

The list way ever recorded history.

Important to me the african american youth unemployment road is the list ever recorded in the history of our country fifty fifty five thousand mississippi residents at of poverty fifty five thousand.

The earnings up nine percent in mississippi since the election under the previous two administrations.

We lost sixty thousand factories in our country under my administration we've already and nearly ten thousand new factories.

They're coming relief to working families we passed massive tax cuts on average two thousand to two thousand five hundred dollars per family you a most one trillion dollars back home to share.

What's happening you couldn't get the money the big companies they couldn't get their money back.

Both bureaucratically and from attack standpoint they brought back i missed one trillion dollars now because of us we says largest number in history of job caring regulations american energy we are now the number one producer of energy by.

Did you see politicians?

Take money from lobbyists to impairs catastrophic trade deals mississippi thirty percent manufacturing jobs after the twin disasters of nafta and china's entrance into the where the trade organization you're the worst deals ever made by our country one hundred thousand mississippi jab.

We're right there just like that that's a big price to pay for bashing teams disloyalty to the american worker that's what it was it was just stupidity corruption lots of reasons have a president who was loyal to you and i am i'm a fighter for your jobs for your ages you're factories your families and your victory.

We're stopping chinese from ripping we're stopping of.

These other countries from taking advantage of the united states.

Our money we lose our way if we lose our jobs we close that fact who's?

That's not happening any minute it's reversed.

We were the suck a country for years it news but we're not the set their country ready more than wear replacing nafta.

That was a disaster master with the brand new us mexico canada agreement of nancy pelosi will ever put it up the river which is questioned about nervous nancy she doesn't want to give the people of our country a victory she's very busy doing at the things having fun.

The u s m c a will be a massive victory for mississippi scholars and.

Also includes path for protections for mississippi or workers manufacturers and everybody else great.

We got rid of nafta do nothing democrats need to stop their madness and past the u s m c.

Right now the last administration sir and his train partnership would have destroyed the us s o industry but i probably first way from the jab killing calamity under our policies has just announced a one hundred seventy million dollar investment in mississippi on four hundred new jobs at this facility.

Did you ever hear of this place blue springs my ladies the great american middle class is a piggy bag to fund the delusional global project over the royal.

We take care of other people we take care of other countries but we don't take care of around they knowingly.

Decimated american manufacturing to promote economic growth and foreign countries they deploy military to protect figure this immensely wealthy nations subsidizing the first with you and money by lester's wealthy nations now i respectfully the other day said to the king of saudi arabia king.

We're gonna help you but you gotta pay.

It was good.

He was great he said.

But nobody has ever.

Asked before i said.

But i'm asking billions of dollars.

Will come in and we're protecting a great way we have a country that spends billions and billions of dollars in our country buying military and other things that we said you very well you have to pay and they're gonna pay and that's true of many countries by the way i'm sure never respected us.

They could never believe what i said to run country i have great respect for the prime minister of japan i said to prime minister said how did you get away with this for so long?

And he looked at me and he couldn't really answered because how the hell did this happen we're protecting a ninety four countries china how many countries are you protecting president xi and they look at me like what a stupid question we predict.


China u s president putin how many countries are protecting president putin and it look studios russia?

You asked that the countries were protecting at least meant before that so money they don't even.

They can't even tell me i've been trying to get an answer for four months so many you can't even tell it's crazy petits are beautiful the way it's happening.

A lot of good things are happening for.

The same politicians precious american blood and treasure into the sands of the middle east are our cities to fall into disrepair and decay.

I felt class believed it was their out to rule over you to take your money to take your jobs to redistribute your wealth over the lab wherever they wanted it but i don't like that.

Great shot out his and.

I defended day i took the oath of office that was quite a girl after years of building up for nations we are finally building that way.

America first see another ending regime change and nation building is being replaced by the clear our pursuit of american interests.

What is the job to protect our security not to be the policemen of the world.

>> off this approach we recently secure a permanent cease fall northern sir without spoons ren drab of american blood.

I actually have to be honest run sands and stepped on a nail extra.

I said don't tell the press that because they'll say but one serves you stepped on a nail i said how bad was it its okay i said don't mention it at least there was like mention exactly what happened could take it a little bit.

Loki stepped on a nail not not a draft that bled way don't have to defend the borders between turkey and syria.

They've been firing for a thousand years but what we do is we did keep the girl if you don't mind we kept the aura distribute that about the kurds and have bad and.

Also have pain ourselves.

If that's ok.

Leaders polish better adventures turned fair nations into very very dangerous war zones then they demanded that american citizens accept unlimited migration from those terror afflicted nations and regions.

I don't think so.

I don't think so we did not.

Fight them over there every turn right them over here we're going to do our communities my administration restricted migration from terra pair notions and implemented the toughest every vetting procedures toughest ever that we've ever had now is she has ever been so horribly discarded party as that issue by the democrats there are open borders which mean crime.

They want sank your service which means crime and drugs and breath after bleeding cass tried democrats grew up in.

Our bones to the flooding our communities with prison is drunk and criminal cartels.

Republicans believe in strong burgers and safe communities we are now building.

Yeah and you think that was easy.

With democrats in what that i got money for everything but when it came to the rare and not ten cents not ten cents.

We gave the military a lot of money and we took it from the military and we took it from here.

We took it from there we had to go to court and all of a sudden we start winning cases where winning cases now but the rule is going up rapidly.

It's going up rapidly and.

This is a very serious wall.

This is the exact everything they wanted.

They went to the border patrol incredible people and.

That's incredible people.

Tough people their country.

Let's give me this specifications for like steel like conquered and russell agree.

But what do you want?

Which one so did all three?

This is a different form of cunning you can't get through steel but you can through the concrete and then you can't through the hardened repair way and we also need see through sir going to see who's on the other side that makes sense right not just concrete it's more expensive what we're doing but we're giving and we're building we should have and a half from four hundred almost five hundred miles of world built by the end of next year.

Right right here is that was a tough mommy club engineers is building their heart's out their great great people.

We believe in keeping terrorists and criminals and drug news out of our country thanks to to my tireless efforts and the southern better tough plays illegal crossings have dropped sixty percent since may way faster than ever securing the southern border and soon it will be when the rat computed secure like it's never been before and i want to thank the country of mexico led twenty seven thousand sandwiches on our borders and twenty seven thousand.

You know that iss and they're keeping people out.

Then i want to thank the president of mexico.

He's an excellent person greatness on were appreciated and and the reason is that our democrats won't even approve things.

Called lupus lupus that's a horrible name right.

That means it's a loo pair that moves you can come in illegally and lots of things catching release you catch him literally somebody you got to release him with the rest the betrayal agent of that crazy but we could end us in fifteen minutes but they don't want to do it.

They don't want to do it they're obstructionists they're polluters way can't let it happened.

That's why you have to go take a cruise you know takes going to send you to.

Send the big signal by the way too big city it's great for you he's going to be a great governor it also sends a big signal to.

These radical left crazy democrats.

It's very important that tate winds very important we're fighting deadly sexual cities with the head of state's like mississippi which is bad sanctuary cities because brian said we're not gonna have a and lodge your knickers and cindy said we're not gonna have him.

Democrats sanctuary cities first release of dangerous criminals villains onto our streets if you want a governor horse stand proudly with the years of here i wouldn't want the job and ms thirteen.

Look right into those nests a gram and nets and.

They start swinging and you never saw anything like it.

I'll say you know what better you than me let's see who would do a he do good that way would way that nazi wouldn't.

It took.

Now i know these guys are tough guys and they live our country who would do it the moving thousands of people from m s thirteen.

These gangs of the worst people thes people these are not human beings you know i said that once before in this crazy nancy pelosi said how dare you?

Say that not human yet have to see this and they slice people up for a knife because it's more painful than using again and.

Then i have to defend myself.

When i say they're animals but you know i never changed i didn't say i'd like to apologize.

I'd like to apologise crazy nancy look at her district in san francisco she's spending time on this crop or this peach human stuff take a look at.

What's happening to the great city once of san francisco thousands and thousands of tents and drugs and needles and everything you could imagine floating in the streets and the best neighborhoods nancy pelosi hangman fix your district nancy go home and fiction just to give you a governor who will stand proudly with his advice and betrayer for rubes tuesday let it be a big victory to democrat has never been more extreme you know about what it is today the democrats have care agenda what medicare i will medicare for our scenes and we were always protect patients with preexisting conditions always virtually every democrat also now supports abortion rip baby straight from the mother's man.

Well the governor of virginia executed a baby remember that whole thing after birth after birth some people he said the baby is born and then he starts talking to the mother nobody you ever.

Heard that that is congress to prohibit extremely term abortion because republicans believe that every sacred gift from dad that's in our party high taxes high crime happened birder's term abortion socialism and breaking corruption the republican body is the party of the american worker the american family thie american group.

Nobody has done more for the african american community then the republican body the party have abraham lincoln we can't forget that people forget abraham lincoln honesty.

If top distressed communities we could an opportunity zones so incredible san successful including one hundred new opportunity zones right now in mississippi where money is flowing in to than to fix and tim scott i give him so much credit from the great state of south carolina wait joyce and accountability and great veterans people said it couldn't be done natures are veterans were waiting on line for bays and weak sometimes now they can get in there get a doctor.

We paid the bear i better have the route six weeks fan makes two weeks wait people waiting in line by the time they say doctor determinant.

Now they get it that there and they got sad and they found a doctor we take care of our great veterans.

Red rebuilding of the american armed forces has included massive investments in the military facilities in oxy and gulf and jackson and start there on roger has been fantastic.

Smooth has been fantastic thank you to protect america's security through the united states from habit one sided ban nuclear tests at the same country anymore.

Nothing's easy but it's not the same and i recognized israel's true capital and open the american embassy in jurists for years you wants your politicians apologize.


Now you have a president who's standing way we're standing up so the people of mississippi then accept it.

Victory begins on tuesday.

Right here in your great stone with your support we will share the correct democrat that the american people and that ever going to back down from perhaps the greatest victory in political history.

And you know today with new stock market and an all time high it's i read tell you something.

If we didn't win this election that stock market would be in one half it was heading in the wrong direction.

It was going to fail.

And if they ever did anything bad if they haven't do anything bad to us so they ever succeeded and now stream which will never let them happen that stop rock it will crash like you've never seen a crash before and you will not.

Be happy with your for one case like you're happy right down because they don't know what they're doing.

They don't know what they're doing.

And i'd like to speak well but the leadership they have no clue they're just very vicious people.

Actually they're sort of mentally violent people that we've got it under control and always haps when you didn't do anything i say how do you impeach a president who didn't do anything wrong way going to send a signal by sending a terrific new republican governor to jackson on tuesday you out and you wrote and you're gonna give up whatever you have to give up you gonna leave work maybe get.

They tell your boss.

I said it was okay.

I will give you a pardon if i have to give you wait.

Million's a citizens from dependence to independence and poverty to prosperity together we were like the republican congress to create a fair safe soon and lawful system of immigration and you have great congressman here and i tell you i appreciate it fellas warriors you is a win ninety six and nothing against that does happen with republicans it doesn't happen i always complain how to soothe democrats and lousy politicians they see paris is open borders sanctuary cities but they have one thing they stick together and the vicious the republicans have great policy in many ways the better politicians but then that is vicious.

Thank you darling i appreciate your not but they have a tendency do split apart the democrats don't seem to have any mitt romney's way?

Maybe we'll get that maybe i'll get better we'll see us through what happened maybe i'll get better just let it be fair but then i'd have that way we will not trade deals that result and more products proudly stamped with those beautiful beautiful herds med you we will achieve new clues in science and medicine finding new queues for childhood cancer and ending the aids at the atomic in america can you believe that within ten years when they told me that i said that's incredible?

Endears epidemic within ten years it's funded.

Nobody was that we could do that but we're doing it will have.

It ended in america in ten years.

The aids epidemic who would have thought we will defend privacy free speech free assembly religious liberty and the right to keep and bear arms for the sacred values that bind us together as one america disappeared protect and defend.

The constitution of the united states way sand here's enforcement i believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life way believe that faith and family not government and bureaucracy are the true american way.

We believe that children should be taught to every country on earth history and to always respect our quick american flag wait wait you'll never see it disappear in god we trust we stand on the shoulders of american patriots who crashed the oceans sending a continent tame the world that his dugout out the panama canal down revolutionized the industry pioneer technology one two where's defeated fascism and communism and made america to sing their glorious nation in the history of the rail onto great crowd citizens like you build this country and together we're taking back our country.

That's what we're doing.

The twenty sixteen way are returning power to you.

The american people with you up your diversion on your drive way we're going to.

Keep working we're going to.

Keep standing and.

We're going to keep on winning slipping in and you had the best year you've ever had you know you have the best mississippi the best year you've ever had in the history of our country mississippi mississippi are you getting tired of winning i guess so filters and come to me and say sir please.

We're winning too much.

The people of mississippi can't take it anymore.

I don't think you're gonna have to make that trip.

I don't think he's in going after and i don't think take what to make a trip way movement when people family and ren glorious nation under god driver never ladies and gentlemen of mississippi the best is yet to come way because together we will make a man again way make america strength again making get it again way


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