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Saturday, October 1, 2022

Midmorning With Aundrea - May 11, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - May 11, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - May 11, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Part 1 of 2.

Originally aired April 9, 2020) New robotic technology is helping to sterilize helicopters used by health care workers during the coronavirus outbreak.

And Beth Jeffers and Whitney Brown of the Fitness Factor are here once again to demonstrate simple exercises you can perform at home.

And with so many families together at home, jigsaw puzzles have surged in popularity in recent weeks as people look for activities to relieve boredom.

Toright now.

Wi with the coronavirus so contagious..

A robot is now helping medical staff with critical decontamination of helicopters that transport sick patients.

Elise preston shows us how a hospital system in houston, texas is relying on technology to help save lives at one of the country's largest medical complexes.

Trt 1:38 this high tech robot is joining the fight against the coronavirus.

It's job& to disinfect this medical chopper in the houston area now designated for transporting only covid-19 patients.

The robot assesses the environment and determines how much time it's going to take for the robot to eradicate any type of bacteria or antibodies in the aircraft tom flanagan- oversees the helicopter fleet for memorial hermann health system.

He says before this week... the hospital system relied soley on disinfectants and personal protection equipment for the safety of the crew and patients.

But now- with the help of wifi--- the medical flight staff can stand outside the sealed helicopter as the uv light fights the lingering virus- you can't see.

By destroying the rna and the dna- the genetic makeup of that virus in the aircraft.

Full cleaning can take froa- to 20 minutes.

The crew on the designated life flight chopper provides urgent care as critically ill patients are moved from smaller community hospitals to a level one trauma facility... located in houston's texas medical center.

It's all about time when you are using air medical transport it all comes down to transport time and to ensure that we have the appropriate teams the type of patient would need looking ahead--- flanagan is hopeful this now robot equipped helicopter will help save time... and lives.

Elise preston- cbs news- new york.

The fleet of medical choppers at memorial hermann typically fly nearly 33 hundred times a year on trauma- related calls.

The hospital says it is too early to anticipate how many flights will take place for covid-19 patients last week governor tate reeves issued a state-wide shelter-in-place order.

Since then, counties and cities all across north mississippi have been following the governor's lead by issuing their own curfews.

If you have a legitimate reason to be out past the curfew, you have nothing to worry about.

Law enforcement officers say determing essential travel from non-essential travel... just takes a little common sense.

Our cash matlock looks at why counties have issued their own curfews and how area law enforcement plan to enforce such orders.

Winston county has issued a mandatory curfew from 9 pm to 6 am.

Sheriff jason pugh says during this time... officers will be looking for very specific behavior.

"what we won' tolerate is people that are out stalking our businesses that are already suffering because they're not open.

We're watching our local businesses, we're watching our local residences.

The intention is to protect our citizens."

However, pugh says officers will ánotá be stopping every car that comes along.

"if you have to b at work, if you have things you have to do, we are making those exceptions for legitimate reasons."

óóó standup: on monday, the oktibbeha county board of supervisors met here to enact a curfew set to take place over the next 30 days with violators facing up to $1000 in fines an up to 30 days in jail.

óóó "when you sa curfew... people understand that."

Oktibbeha county sheriff steve gladney says when one county goes under a curfew, it can cause trouble for neighboring counties who aren't under a curfew.

"so, everybod thought it was ok to come to oktibbeha county, and we broke up large gatherings all weekend with people partying and that type thing."

Gladney says his officers are only targeting large gatherings of people and suspicious activity.

"if you're comin through a neighborhood at 2 a.m.

Driving slow, you're probably going to get stopped... you may have a good reason... you may not have a good reason."

With the shelter- place-order, there really isn't much reason to be out anyway.

"there really ar not a whole lot of legitimate things that somebody would want to be out doing under this shelter in place order after 9 o'clock."

"the sooner peopl will start going by the guidelines, the sooner we'll get back to normalcy."

Noxubee county is also issuing a curfew from 10 pm to 6 am.

Violators could face up to $500 in fines.

With millions of americans working from home, or not working at all, people are driving much less and now some drivers may soon get some money for that.

Kristine lazar explains.

With millions of with millions of americans working from home, or not working at all, people are driving much less and now some drivers may soon get some money for that.

?kristine lazar explains.

:10 - :17 karl susman/susman insurance agency :49 - :57 kristine lazar/cbs news/los angeles the roads look a lot different these days.

The number of cars on the street has dropped dramatically.

Now some auto insurance companies are sending out refunds because of it.

"what they ar realizing, like all carriers, well there is less people on the road, less driving means less accidents and less accidents means less claims."

Karl susman is the owner of susman insurance agency and points to allstate, which also owns esurance and encompass.

The company is offering a shelter-in-place payback with most customers receiving 15 percent off their montly premium in april and may.

American family insurance is sending auto policy holders a one time full payment of 50 dollars per vehicle.

Susman believes more companies will follow suit.

"anytime on carrier does something, other carriers move with the market."

Regardless of your insurance provider..

Susman says if you're driving less- or have lost any income- you could be eligible for a premium reduction or deferment just call your insurer.

"i even have client who have called and said can i just remove my car from their insurance policy, because i'm not driving it.

And one of the things we are recommending is that we can suspend coverage on vehicles and only leave fire and theft coverage ."

Insurance companies will give back hundreds of millions of dollars but experts say with fewer people driving and less accidents... those businesses are saving much more.

Kristine lazar, cbs news, los angeles with millions of when we come back, get going.

Weas the weather gets warmer, home bound residents are looking for ways to exercise and get outdoors.

For some, that means going back to a childhood skill - riding a bike.

Jason allen reports from texas.

Anyone who's ever used the phrase, 'it's just like riding a bike', is finding out now, if they can in fact, remember how to ride a bike.

And because of that, at bike shops around north texas, long- forgotten bicycles, are now lined up for tune- ups.

Once relegated to the garage, and allowed to rust - they've suddenly become an escape, from orders to otherwise stay home.

"that's the kinds o bikes we're getting right now.

Bikes that have been sitting for a long time."

Trek bikes in arlington has been taking in repairs every day, and from customers outside of the avid cyclists they usually see.

They've been selling new bikes, just over the phone.

Nearby at ray jay's bike shop, there's an empty rack that held brand new bikes last week.

"that was full las monday."

Ray atayde has about 20 more on the way he still has to build, making for some of the most profitable weeks this one-man operation has had in its history.

"i thought wow this could go either way and i was very concerned, and it's just been going like gangbusters around here."

By its very nature, atayde pointed out, riding a bike is a socially distant activity.

And as long as people are getting back to it safely, shop owners are hopeful this is more than just a short spin.

"there's so muc freedom to be experienced.

The wind in your hair, being out on your own, exploring new terrain."//" think it's going to be great for cycling, once this is all over.

I think it brings the passion back."

In tarrant county, jason allen, cbs11news.

Head and shoulders and knees and toes.

A full body workout from whitney brown and beth jeffers of the fitness factor.

Get ready.

Let's go.

Whitney brown: hello.

Welcome to get fit.

I'm whitney brown here with beth jeffers.

We're at the fitness factor, bringing you some home workouts, things that you can do at home with little to no equipment.

Today is no exception.

Body weight strength work.

And you can find this video and this a workout printout at and on our fitness factor facebook page.

So let's get to work.

Whitney brown: we've got body weight strength.

So you don't need a thing, just yourself.

You're going to warm up for five to eight minutes, but we're going to assume and pretend that she's already done that and we're going to go ahead into the work.

You've got two blocks of work, and there are five exercises in each block.

Again, you can find these printouts at

You're going to do 10 reps of everything.

We're just going to show you a few, so we can make this quick.

Starting with a body weight squat.

Whitney brown: so you're going to see she's sitting back into her heels.

You can even pull a chair up under you, if you want to work on your form.

From there you're going to go to a pushup.

So you're going to transition to the floor from your knees or from your toes, whatever modification is best for you.

You can also do this on a wall if you prefer to do that, so no problem.

Whitney brown: from there, she'll stand up and she's going to go into a single leg reach.

So now we're going to challenge her balance a little bit.

She's going to take both hands out and come back.


She can make it harder by just doing one or she could even reach for the floor to make it even more challenging.

We're showing you basically kind of an option in the middle.

Whitney brown: from there, we've got tricep dips.

So if you have a step, a stair, perfect.

If not, the floor is fine too.

We happen to have a step here.

So she's go going to drop her weight down, keeping her elbows back and shoulders down away from her ears.

And then she's going to roll.

Yeah, there's that floor option.


And then look, plank.

Beth jeffers: i'm on hand.

Whitney brown: just roll over.

Beth jeffers: how about that?

Whitney brown: she's going to be on her knees or on her toes, on her elbows or on her hands.

Again, finding the option that works best for you.

This we're not doing 10 reps of.

Obviously you can hold for 30 to 45 seconds.

Whitney brown: now that's your first block of work.

You'd go through that three or four times, and then you're goingo take a break and we're going to go into the second block of work, which you'll do exactly the same way, but five new exercises.

Whitney brown: we start with the reverse lunge.

Let me get this out of your way.

Beth jeffers: okay.

Whitney brown: she's going to step back into a reverse lunge.

Body is tall.

She drops her back knee down.

From there we're going to try something a little bit different, so it's a tension reverse fly.

So she's going to hinge forward and she's going to resist her own body weight and slowly, slowly as if she has resistance here back, and then slowly take it forward.

And i can tell you that is much, much, much, much harder- beth jeffers: it is harder than it looks- whitney brown: ... than she's making it look.

That's exactly right.

If you have a pull up bar or you have something where you can do a pull up, that's also a suitable option for that exercise.

Thank yobrow whitney brown: from there, we're going to go to a lateral lunge.

Again, let me get out of your way.

As you step from right to left, shifting your weight to either side.

Whitney brown: self-resisted bicep curl.

Again, something different, something new.

You're your own tension here.

So you're pushing down into that forearm as you curl up.

Again, you're really feeling that in a different way than you do if you have a dumbbell, and it's more fun than a video game - entire families are getting in on this.

We'll show you ahead on mid morning.

With millions of americans staying home these days, an old favorite has become such a popular pastime, it can be hard to get your hands on one.

Nancy chen tells us about the run on jigsaw puzzles.

Like so many americans right now, marc sorresso and lindsey epstein are spending áplenty of time with their family.

"we came up to ou parents' house in maine and have been here ever since... with my brother.... quarantined."

The boston-based couple is working from home but stops each night at six, and that's when family members - and the puzzle pieces - start fitting together.

"to close out a da of work and go to something that feels comfortable at a time where things are not and they're really up in the air, i think that probably provides a whole lot of just good feelings for people at a time when they really need it."

Jigsaw puzzles are providing a welcome relief for families looking to pass the time together - and sales are skyrocketing.

"as you look dow the aisle we've got people getting orders off the shelves to ship out."

Puzzle warehouse - the largest distributor of puzzles in the country - says its business is up átwo-thousand percentá compared to the same week last year.

7:44 q: this is remarkable!

You've never seen anything like this.

A: no one's ever seen anything like this!

It's really amazing company owner brian way says there are áso many orders for the missouri-based business, deliveries are on a two-week delay.

They've also added 30 employees to keep up with the demand.

"it's literall thousands of orders a day / we're shipping out more than a full tractor trailer every day of completed orders."

Puzzlers says it's a great way to step away from all the screen-time&and get in the game.

Nancy chen, cbs news, new york.

Puzzle warehouse says its most popular item is the thousand-piece puzzle.

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