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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Midmorning With Aundrea - May 28, 2020 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - May 28, 2020 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - May 28, 2020 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
(Part 2 of 2) We meet a baseball legend with a very big heart.

One of baseball's brightest young stars says players are ready to return, even if fans can not.

New york mets first baseman pete alonso is coming off a record- setting rookie season.

Alonso spoke with tony dokoupil from tampa about that remarkable season, and launching a new charity to recognize unsung heroes.

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No excerpting.

--getty images gettyimages- 1215047874, gettyimages- 12150090, gettyimages- 1209562402, we will not be read as i can and we should be locked in maybe locked in for this season is also looking back alonso hits one out of sight i catch myself every night watching 2019 highlight never ceases to give legal 2019 was my favorite season is all i was later mobilized see everything put together the whole is really put a lot in perspective for me the 29th is seasonal like a smart in the same social media pros he told france i can't wait to hear y'all tear your lungs out how you prepare for those small stadiums when you come at so crowds are no cross or looking forward to when the guys absolutely hospitalized sports in general people around them so much because it makes them feel good each using this term there is talk of going out teaches in late june or early july i'll just be a baseball whatever is an entire professional baseball player on the chance to hit a homerun of my birth if i have the opportunity that will be amazing after the home run derby last year alonso donated 10% of his winnings to charity this trend continues to go back to life he said person personalize videos to make is working on the false want to keep her about it safe and provide protection for everybody and now he's lunch in the charity, homeless are heroes so will tell you phone where you your lungs is the allows us to processing last week during a virtual workout announcing the $10,000 grant to the schools honestly feels like a loner man someone promote property community is daughters when kids reach out and if they really want to get out that this is the hardest when they're the ones hurting share we and there are so many all others need to is so frustrating ... the columbus air force is planning a flyover to thank those on the frontlines of the coronavirus fight.

Here's a look at where team blaze is going to fly saturday afternoon.

They'll kick things off in tupelo and make they way south.

Flying over hospitals in amory, aberdeen, west point, starkville, then bring on home here in columbus.


Samantha weeks says they've been planning this for over a week and the entire team is excited to show their appreciation.

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