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Friday, May 20, 2022

Midmorning With Aundrea - May 25, 2020 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - May 25, 2020 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - May 25, 2020 (Part 2) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Part 2 of 2.

Originally aired May 13, 2020) Many winemakers have resorted to virtual tasting rooms. And we honor area graduates.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced wineries from coast to coast to close their vineyards and tasting rooms to customers.

But that hasn't stopped the wine from pouring at home in virtual tasting rooms. chris martinez has more.

Nats&what comes out to me is apricot, that dried apricot and a bit of that brioche undertone& wine maker drew perry is leading an at-home audience thorugh a virtual wine tasting experience.

Nats&let me show you just a real quick image of the grape itself& perry makes wine at aurora cellars winery in northern michigan.

Co-owner taylor simpson was already considering virtual tastings.

The coronavirus forced the issue.

When news of the stay at home order happened here in michigan, we wanted to find a way to stay connected.

Perry conducts aurora cellars' virtual tasting room live on instagram.

Participants have the featured wines delivered to their homes in advance.

Three different bottles we put together and we offer the virtual tasting three separate weeks // response has been great.

Natsot& i think people are nervous about, how do i taste wine by myself.

Jerry murray - owner of project m wines in willamette, oregon conducts his virtual tastings on zoom.

If you're interested in my wines in particular, we can talk about that.

If you're interested in geology/geograph y, sort of the standard things winemakers talk about, soils and clones, we can do that.

Or we can talk about the history of wine.

Murray sees virtual tastings as an opportunity for wine to help people through an unusual time.

It can be a source of comfort for people, a source of inspiration and through these virtual tastings it can become a social activity.

Nats& the focus here tonight is red wine& as virtual tastings become more popular, wineries hope it will help keep them in business and lure in ánew customers&one glass at a time.

Chris martinez, cbs news.

Video calls are bringing families and friends together during the pandemic.

And as nancy chen shows us, some are also taking people for a walk on the wild side.

Trt 1:39 pkg: the cows, llamas and goats at this northern california farm are figuring out their best angles.

1503 he's super, super friendly.

Nate salpeter is a co-founder of sweet farm, a non- profit sanctuary now offering animal cameos on zoom.

He says demand is so high, they've booked more than 600 appointments.

Sessions start at 65 dollars for a happy hour appearance with extended tours for 250.

0642 nancy: what's been some of the more unique events that you've been a part of?

Nate: let's see, we had our first wedding that we called into the other day we called in with paco the llama these video calls are going to the dogs .

Ricochet is a surfing therapy dog in san diego.

Her handler judy fridono was inspired by their work with veterans so she's now offering free virtual visits to healthcare workers under stress.

If you hold back your anger, that just ends up festering so if you can tell ricochet what you're angry about, it doesn't affect anybody diana moczygemba spent an hour talking with ricochet -- the san antonio nurse has been working with critically ill coronavirus patients.

I feel good having let it out.

Having had someone to listen without judgement.

That was hugely important.

While the visits are virtual, the much- need relief is not.

It's a way to break from the norm, the new norm, and get outside even through a video screen.// it's a very uplifting opportunity for folks making staying in until the cows come home a bit easier.

Nancy chen, cbs news, new york.

School districts across the area are finding unique ways to honor the senior class of 20.

We'll go to pontotc and noxubee county base seniors at pontotoc high school have a full week of activities for their graduation week.

Administrators with pontoc city schools wanted to do something to help the class of 20 rember what is a unique senior year.

So there are activities planned all this week leading to a social distance graduation on friday.

Today, seniors took part in a scavenger hunt.

More than 20 places were on the list for the scavenger hunt and each stop had special significance for the graduating seniors.

"we're definitel really appreciative of everything they're doing for us , we all have friends at different schools and they're not getting the same thing and we thank the school district for that kind of stuff."

"it's kind of like r living our past, we came up and there's stuff, inside jokes we didn't even know people knew other than us and they're letting us re live that through the scavenger hunt and it's a pretty cool experience."

Seniors received a parking pass to friday's graduation after completing the scavenger hunt.

The drive in graduation will be at the pontoc agri center.

Ready for lift off.

Staff at noxubee county high school release balloons today in honor of their seniors.

Superintendent rodriguez broadnax was joined by team members as they celebrated the class of 2020.

Graduation is less than 2 weeks away.

The 101 graduating seniors will receive diplomas may 21st at 6pm on the football field in a drive-through ceremony.

Everybody feels forgotten about.

They feel covid 19 stole their moment and so for people to actively consider and take into consideration their feelings and put together small events for them, it show a lot.

The city of macon also plans a parade through town in their honor following the diploma ceremony.

Plan to be downtown on the evening of the 21st to cheer the seniors on their graduation day.

A lot on tap for monday's show, so set your dvr.

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