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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Midmorning With Aundrea - May 28, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

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Midmorning With Aundrea - May 28, 2020 (Part 1)  [ENCORE PRESENTATION]
Midmorning With Aundrea - May 28, 2020 (Part 1) [ENCORE PRESENTATION]

(Part 1 of 2) Robots are here and they're fighting the coronavirus!

Some airports are starting to use floor-cleaning robots who battle the virus using ultraviolet rays.

And we salute our area teachers.

As for if you are working from home, you are becoming more accustomed to a solitary office.

Over the years office space has changed from walls to cubicles to open concept.

Now that may all change.

Pkg its hard to remember-but these open concept offices with no walls and shared workspaces- haven't always been the way of the workplace.

"private office were the thing when i started."

Shalom baranes has designed offices in dc for more than 30 years.

So what changes does he expect the coronavirus pandemic to bring?

"i think we have t be careful that we don't limit our design solutions to only solve yesterdays wars."

For example, baranes says the design of future offices might resemble the redesign his firm did on the pentagon after 9/11.

"we developed universal space plan system there that allows for significant shifts of spaces in short periods of time."

If employees need to socially distance quickly you could have& "open offices o closed offices you can basically do that over a weekend."

And baranes says the pandemic shows us another reality of the new office- "i think offices ar going to have to seamlessly stich working at home with those working at the office."

He believes companies will want to add more remote technology inside their buildings to help people work outside the office.

"as a result of thi pandemic i think we are all discovering that with the proper technology first of all we are all capable of working remotely."

Clean is the new promise.

Everyone from restaurants to grocery stores to airports are promising deep cleans.

One airport has announced plans to use floor cleaning machines.

Pittsburgh international airport will use self cleaning robots with ultraviolet light technology, a first for u.s. airports.

The germ-killing robots are designed to eliminate microbes in high-traffic areas thus increasing cleanliness.

The idea is that uv- c rays, which hospitals have been using for decades to sanitize rooms, can be used against the coronavirus at the airport.

If you haven't traveled recently, you may be spending all your time at home.

Working, learning or playing within feet of your kitchen probably isn't the most helpful when it comes to making healthy food choices.

Especially when all the stress right now makes you just want to tuck into a big bowl of mac and cheese.

Melisa raney gives us tips on what foods can actually help elevate our moods.

Next time you head toward the kitchen, try grabbing some of these mood boosting picks!

Green veggies: items like spinach, brussels sprouts and broccoli are not only filling, but they are packed with folate, a 'b' vitamin that assists in the production of serotonin, the chemical in the brain that affects our mood.

Try them fresh, steamed, or even roasted, with a little olive oil and seasoning.

Looking for a way to help alleviate depression?

Put down the ice cream and pick up some yogurt or kefir.

A study by the university of virginia health system a few years ago found that the probiotics in these foods may help reduce negative thoughts.

Feeling sluggish?

Like the days just roll on?

Grab some whole grains for an energy boost!

Foods such as oatmeal, brown rice and whole grain bread are also high in fiber, so they won't leave you crashing like foods high in sugars.

If you are craving something sweet and that tenth apple just isn't cutting it, have a few bites of dark chocolate.

It contains caffeine and flavanols that improve cognition.

Finally, if you really need a jump start, pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea instead of cracking open a soda or energy drink.

Making a few of these changes may not only help you mentally, but could help you keep off the quarantine 15!

For today's health minute, i'm melisa raney join me when i drop in on a local class to see how they're doing.

That's now more than ever, teachers deserve our praise, appreciation, and adoration for quickly changing the lesson plans to work from home, but still connect with their students.

We're wrapping up teacher appreciaton with a virtual visit to ally hutchison and shelisha ivy's 4th grade class at south side elementary school in west point.

They allowed me to spend some time with them and their students on zoom.

Some teachers use this is future appreciation to all of you i want to see what a you all doing the past few weeks the school has been out i know you are still learning to use to see to extricate to the eventual and can only what you been i this is a colorless to the setting is right next to that jack king >> is are you what has been the worst part of it about you down i can be with my friends and teachers that is, i will let you go for what has this been like for you to have been like you has definitely been challenging i haven't been able to have physical contact while we first started soon discarded to be challenging but it all worth out to be okay at some point to authority in it was just the way to yes ma'am i really miss you down and elijah's aria as our name is really important we see them just as much to do our own families want to know how they are doing every day really like him and takes him i just don't have the effect of everyday i know some of you all a happy gov.

Say no more school raise your hand if you had said no more i see a lot of people were happy not to so i'm going to ask chase was the best part about being at home every no school amarin i get to stand.

To stay in the bed and yes ma'am who else has been sleeping all the walls are so so to have teachers and to stay active they want to know that they love everyone who knows that i love you give me an want to let you work do something for me before i went is all the teachers and you all some teachers use high tech.

Others a with school out until further notice, some area teachers are turning to "unorthodox learning methods.

Move over flat stanley... átinyá mrs. rosamond and átinyá ms. parker are coming to a mail box near you!

It's a unique twist on an old classic that's got children and parents talking in the starkville oktibbeha consolidated school district.

Our cash matlock has more on how one starkville teacher is reaching her students... from a distance.

It started like all great, modern ideas do... from a post on social media.

Tassie rosamond, a 4th grade teacher at henderson ward stewart, saw a post from a teacher in louisiana about a "reverse" fl stanley while scrolling through her newsfeed-- that's when a new idea formed.

"i took my bitmoji to be cool with the kids, and my picture, and decided to mail myself to my kids and go on adventures and connect with students that way and the response has been tremendous."

Tiny mrs. rosamond arrives at student's homes with a complete list of instructions.

"i sent them letter and some instructions and an activity board with activities if they couldn't come up with their own, and to be honest, a lot of my students that have responded have come up with their own activities."

Rosamond says it's been tough to connect with students the past few weeks.

"not having my kid is really hard because... that's what teachers do."

But she isn't the only one adjusting.

Shanika parker is also a 4th grade teacher at henderson ward stewart...and this is her first year on the job.

"i hope that my kid really rember this because it's such a difficult time for everybody.

Kids, adults, teachers, everybody alike, is struggling.

We're all struggling through this because it's just something we've never been through before, so i wanted to bring something positive and happy to them that they can use at home."

During the pandemic, many teachers depend on video calls and emails to reach their students, but the reality is, not all students have equal access.

"that's anothe thing.

It's something that's accessible to all students.

If i have their address i can send it to them and they can send it back.

They might not have a computer.

They might not be able to get online, but they can send me something in the mail."

"this is a visual wa to bring some consistency where they can actually see me and share with me what they've done."

Rosamond says... just because students aren't in the classroom, doesn't mean they can't learn something.

"learning can loo very different.

It doesn't have to be sitting at a desk.

It doesn't have to be taking a test.

It can be about experiences and everyday things that they do."

Rosamond says the project coincided with the kick-off of teacher appreciation week.

With the kick-off of teacher appreciation week.

During the pandemic, mail carriers continue to deliver millions of letters and packages each day.

So a young south dakota girl wanted to show her appreciation.

She wrote a letter to her postman and as nancy chen shows us, she received many more in return.

As teens and tweens text and tiktok, 11-year-old emerson weber loves to send colorfully decorated, áhand- written letters.

"i feel like it's little more personal."

The south dakota fifth-grader keeps up with at least a dozen family members and friends by mail, and decided to thank her sioux falls mail carrier doug scott with -- what else -- a letter.

"i really wanted t thank him because he's the one who right now is working and delivering our letters."

The next day, scott and his supervisor wrote back with átheirá appreciation and shared her note in an employee newsletter.

Soon, scott showed up with átwo boxesá of letters and packages from other mail carriers.

"a lot of the were a lot more personal and told me about their pets and their families."

Emerson quickly got to work responding while her dad hugh shared the tale on twitter -- where it's gone viral.

"much lik emerson, it's reach and impact was much much broader."

Millions have now seen his posts, with the us postal service telling cbs news -- "to have peopl notice the hard work that united states postal employees are doing on a daily basis has been an amazing encouragement.

But somehow, the words of an innocent 11-year old child has touched all of us."

Emerson and her family hope this inspires others.

"we really don' want it to be she wrote a letter.

We really want people to write letters and just thank someone."

...proving neither snow nor rain -- nor staying at home -- can stop the delivery..of gratitude.

Nancy chen, cbs news, new york.

One letter that stood out was from a mail carrier asking emerson to write to the son in kuwait.

The corona- virus lockdown hasn't stopped the mysterious "banksy" fr creating his one- of- a- kind works of art.

He's best known for satirical and subversive street murals, but his latest piece honors british healthcare workers in heroic fashion.

As charlie d'agata reports, it was unveiled at a hospital in southern england.

Whether this is a rare sighting of the undercover artist himself pulling off a special delivery may be mystery... natpop: wow..."wow, that i really, truly a beautiful painting.'

But the image is pure banksy.

It depicts a little boy, playing in overalls.

Tossed aside in small trash can: a couple of discarded super heroes.

Instead he's holding a nurse, soaring like superman, cape and all.

Called 'game changer.'

He's never been big on subtlety.

18;10;17 he's trying to say isn't he that the original superheroes are on the back burner now and it's people like key workers and nurses and health care professionals that are at the forefront and children are looking up to us.

Like many frontline hospitals, southampton general has lost its own staff members to covid- 19.

Which makes the picture that much more poignant.

It warms the heart to know that someone has done this for us, in the hospital.

It's just beautiful.

Self-isolation has found work for idle hands: posting this image of his trademark rats wreaking havoc in his bathroom with the comment: 'my wife hates it when i work from home.'

Whether it was his handiwork to put a surgical mask on his 'girl with a pierced eardrum' mural last month he won't say.

But no guise this time...banksy even left a note, saying 'thanks for all you're doing.

I hope this brightens the place up a bit, even if its only black and white."

Whilst banksy is certainly one of a kind, the sentiment is universal.

We've seen murals by artist like this, in tribute to healthcare workers all over the city.

That banksy piece is a gift that will keep on giving.

When the lockdown is over it will be auctioned off to raise money for health care charities.

Cd, cbs news, london.

Stay with us.


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