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Friday, September 30, 2022

Schools prepare for new metrics announced by Governor Brown

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Schools prepare for new metrics announced by Governor Brown
Schools prepare for new metrics announced by Governor Brown
Schools prepare for new metrics announced by Governor Brown

Are cs determine if students can sit in an actually classroom this fall -- or if learning will be online.

Newswatch 12's leah thompson is reporting from home.

Today she spoke with a local charter school and a school district to learn how they are handling these new updates.

Being flexible is the number one thing i'm hearing.

We are still a few weeks away from school starting.

Now until then, new changes are most likely on the horizon as well.

Cecile you know the best way to say this is we are working with a moving target.

Brent we have to pivot a little bit to our distance learning plan potentially to start the year.

It's the summer of changes for just about everyone.

Including schools.

Brent kind of been the montra of the summer is that we just need to be flexible.

The latest guidelines from governor brown say for students to head back into the classrooms in person.

Coronavirus numbers need to go down.

Cecile when announcements come out we have to go back and take another look and see ok what do we need to do on this because of this new information.

Cecile enright is the executive director of river's edge academy charter school.

She says her school already has a home based model in place.

So teachers can easily switch to that program if need be.

Cecile we do have onsite classes scheduled and ready to roll when school opens.

Brent we've had our district teams and school blue print teams that are really working hard and they are going to continue that work because we are hopefully to have some in person learning some point during the year.

Brent barry the superintendent of the phoenix talent school district says he is still getting clarification on some of the exemptions.

But most of all.

He is trying to help families prepare and understand all the different changes.

Brent there's a lot of emotions and a lot of uncertainity but we know we need to be as flexible as possible and our parents depend on our school system.

He hopes this latest announcement will be a wake up call for some people.

Brent the numbers are not getting any better in this county, but you know i'm hopefully that people follow the safety guideliens and the reccomendations that the numbers come down and we can provide as much in person learning as possible.

If you want to say an exact break down of all the metrics governor brown talked about.

Head to our website kdrv dot com.

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