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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Jackson County misses mark to return to in-person learning

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Jackson County misses mark to return to in-person learning
Jackson County misses mark to return to in-person learning

Today, the Oregon Department of Education and Governor Kate Brown announced new state metrics that will allow some counties in the state of Oregon to return to in-person learning.

Jackson County did not make the list.

For in person learning.some counties in could be returning to in-person learning while others will have to stay online.

Newswatch 12's brett taylor joins us live in medford where jackson county was not able to meet the requirements set the o-d-e and governor brown.

Brett you talked to central point and medford school districts today what was their reaction to the news.

Brian obviously there was some disappointment and frustration with jackson county not being able to reopen in-person learning.

But with the reduced metrics both school districts are hopeful that if case positivity rates drop down soon children can return back to the classroom.

"sot: having kids back in school is vital today the oregon department of education and governor kate brown announced changes to guidelines of when schools can re open to in-person learning.

[take :lower third] çááálower thirdáááñ sot: i think we have hope that those metrics will allow us to bring kids back hopefully in the next few months.

County's can reopen based on their own positivity rate instead of also having to worry about the state's positivity rate.

Although jackson county does not meet those requirements with an 8 point positivity rate.

Central point school district is prepared to get back to in-person learning when the county meets the state's requirements.

Sot: "we will maximize student learning on site to the extend possible on the guideliness.

While medford school district is taking a little more of a conservative approach.

And plans to go a hybrid model when the county meets the yellow or green metrics set by the state.

[take :lower third] çááálower thirdáááñ sot: one of the reasons we will probably need to be in some form of hybrid learning even if we were able to jump to green right now is a logistical one right now.

Social distancing is a huge factor in bringing kids back but with the county in the red zone and still far away from reopening schools champion has a message for everyone in jackson county.

That is keeping kids from getting back to in-person learning sot: we have got to get to the point to where wearing a mask becomes a regular thing that we do.

It's not an option it's something that we do.

We have got to get ourselves to green.

Both districts understand that although online learning has been a solution for kids to learning during the covid-19 crisis---it can't replace the importance of in-person learning.

Sot: it's not just about that in-person is more effective than distance learning.

Students need to be with other kids and adults.

" even when both school districts meet the requirements to reopen in person learning there will still be a lot of


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