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Thursday, June 24, 2021

3-19-21 SPORTS EXPRESS: West Canada Valley boys basketball remains undefeated

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3-19-21 SPORTS EXPRESS: West Canada Valley boys basketball remains undefeated
3-19-21 SPORTS EXPRESS: West Canada Valley boys basketball remains undefeated

All the scores, from all the sports (in action)!

Here is the Sports Express Wrap from Friday, March 19, 2021.

Colete and the nge stillin acti.

Plus...plenty of high school hoops action - multiple local match-ups are on tap.

Hello everyone and welcome to year that's been - that's kind of what we have locally right now.

Some team's seasons have completed - others are still going strong.

Tonight - some match-ups out in herkimer county.

In newport - west canada valley playing host to mount markham.

Indians looking to remain unbeaten.

Mustangs - only one los s in four games coming in.

--- spencer indians were swarming all first quarter - here in the final minute - andrew soron gets a hand on the pass and takes it to the house.

18-5 after one.

--- chelsea in the second - mustangs looking to climb back.

Solid work by aidan ainslie - backing down and putting it in.

Mustangs trail by 11.

--- spencer nearly midway through the frame - check out this look.

Brayden shepardson perfectly into space for will smith - catch and shoot mid-air...that is pretty.

--- chelsea back down the other way - mt.

Markham down 12 - shaun jones strong on the boards - goes up - gets it and one.

Converts - they're within nine.

--- spencer they keep looking to close the gap but indians not having it.

Jaeden beam - off the block - takes it coast-to-coast and drives right down main street... (((score))) ...beam and shepardson lead with 20 points a- piece as west canada wins 71-60.

Chelsea over at frankfort- schuyler high school the maroon knights hosted the herkimer magicians.

-- spencer 1.

This was a close game in the second.

Less than a minute before the half, maroon knights leading by 1.

Eighth grader lionell coulthurst to senior alex vohid.

He power dribbles and goes up strong for the and-1 finish.

-- chelsea 2.

About 10 seconds before the buzzer, frankfort-schuyler gets the ball back and its brother to brother...mailk coulthurst to lionell coulthurst and the eighth grader finishes the layup at the buzzer.

The maroon knights would lead by 5 at the half.

-- spencer 3.

Third quarter, senior jordan foote drives from the top of the key.

He goes up and under - the ball bounces around the rim in dramatic fashion and finally goes in for the and-1.

(((score))) he was pretty much unstoppable in the second half finishing with 30 points.

Herkimer wins 49 to 44.

Chelsea lots of weather over in poland - it's the tornadoes taking on the thunder.

C-v-a - poland on the girls side.

--- third quarter here - thunder on top seven.

Just seconds remain - rachael yardley from straight away for three off the inbound.

40-30 c-v-a heading to the fourth.

--- spencer in the final frame - logan cookinham working against double-team - she finds amanda sweet up ahead and sweet takes it to the hoop for the bank-in.

Six point deficit for poland.

--- chelsea at the midway point - race for the rebound won by kaelin napoli - and she goes strong to the rack - gets the roll.

Thunder back up eight.

--- spencer tornadoes then fall down by 13 - looking to claw back.

Jessica batson just - inside the line - that's a good lookin' shot.

Back within 11.

--- chelsea immediate response for c-v-a though - napoli ahead for alexis upson who splits the defense and opens the bank... (((score))) ...the thunder improve to 3-1 on the season as they take this one 52-41.

That takes us to pause number two on the express.

After the break - we switch gears to the ice.

The comets have another weekend off thanks to covid-19 protocols.

We'll tell you when you can expect to see them back and we'll hear from the team about their spirits amid the hiatus.


Today, the a-h-l announced that their road game tomorrow against the syracuse crunch is now postponed.

This marks the fourth straight game postponed since march 10th - when a player on the team contracted covid-19 due to contact with a positive player on the rochester americans.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The team did return to the ice for practice today and according to head coach trent cull - is preparing to be able to play in their game against the amerks next wednesday but are taking things day by day.

Trent cull: it's tough to reach out to the players and say hey we're just going to be frozen here for a day, we don't know what we're doing so it's tough to say too much because you never know what's going what's happening the next day or what's coming around the corner but i think that adaptability has been well received by our guys.

It is a pandemic, for us to be back even playing hockey is fantastic, it's great.

It's not perfect but you know what we've rescheduled a couple of games we're going to try to get these games in, we're developing hockey players and we know that even though it's only nine games in but we are happy to see how guys are doing from the start till we finish.

Make-up dates for tonight and tomorrow's postponed games are yet to be announced.

The comets are 6-2-0-1 so far this season.

(((2-shot))) that's it for us... we'll see you back here next friday night for another edition of sports express!

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