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Saturday, June 19, 2021

"Safer Apart" Order's Affect on Businesses

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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'Safer Apart' Order's Affect on Businesses
"Safer Apart" Order's Affect on Businesses

Governor Ivey's new "Safer Apart" order can increase capacity at restaurants, and whether they choose to keep mask mandates in their businesses.

Governor kay ivey announced new state covid guidance today ahead of the expiration of her "safer at home" order on friday.

The new "safer apart" order lifts the statewide mask mandate.

But the governor says the state health department still strongly encourages wearing masks in public.

The order also encourages distancing - sanitizing - quarantine measures - and other practices.

In fact - all previous covid requirements are now recommendations -- other than some restrictions inside hospitals and nursing homes.

After a year of sacrifice - ivey says she thinks we've finally got an upper hand on the virus.

"we have certainly worked hard this past year and we're finally rounding the corner, and while we haven't whipped this deadly disease just yet.

It appears, thank the good lord, we are in the home stretch."

Ivey says as far as covid is concerned - staying safe means using common sense and taking personal responsibility.

Under that new guidance - businesses can now choose to operate at full capacity!

Waay 31's alex torres-perez spoke to people in the area... she learned how comfortable they feel about going to a restaurant operating at full capacity.

Starting this weekend -- businesses can choose to operate at full capacity with no social distancing or masking in place.

People i spoke with say it's too soon for that to happen.

Brandon flowers, lives in huntsville no, not right now.

Brandon flowers says he will avoid businesses operating at full capacity.

However - he is a small business owner - so he understands why some owners may choose to make that decision.

I see both times, but me personally if it's full capacity i probably won't go in there.

Me or my family.

Several businesses are choosing to keep safety precautions in place.

Jennifer hurt/ manager for melt we're going to continue doing this until everything is safe.

The manager of melt says they will continue to wear masks and social distance their tables.

The city is also working with the businesses in the area to close parts off holmes avenue to put more tables on the road and maintain social distancing.

However in the end -- it will be up to each person individually to choose what safety precautions they take and where they will and won't go.

That's my personal choice.

If i choose to, i can.

If i choose not to, it's okay.

The only restrictions under the safer apart order involve limited visitation at hospitals and nursing homes.

All other restrictions like masking and capacity will only be recommended.

Reporting live in hsv atp waay 31 news.


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