Stacey Abrams Announces Run for GA Governor
Stacey Abrams Announces Run for GA Governor

Stacey Abrams Announces Run, for GA Governor.

The popular GA Democrat announced her run for governor in a video posted to Twitter on Dec.


I’m running for governor because opportunity in our state shouldn’t be determined by zip code, background or access to power, Stacey Abrams, via Twitter.

If our Georgia is going to move to its next and greatest chapter, we’re going to need leadership.

, Stacey Abrams, via Twitter.

Leadership that knows how to do the job.

Leadership that doesn’t take credit without taking responsibility.

, Stacey Abrams, via Twitter.

Leadership that understands the true pain folks are feeling and has real plans.

That’s the job of governor, to fight for one Georgia — our Georgia.

, Stacey Abrams, via Twitter.

And now, it’s time to get the job done, Stacey Abrams, via Twitter.

Abrams was introduced to the national stage representing the Democratic party in response to former President Donald Trump's State of Union address in 2019.

During the 2020 Presidential election.

Her work as a grassroots voting rights activist in GA was largely credited for President Joe Biden's win in the state.

Georgia's electoral votes had not been granted to a Democratic presidential candidate... .

... since the election of former President Bill Clinton in 1992.

The 2022 governor's race in GA pits Abrams against incumbent Brian Kemp, .

Who defeated her during the 2018 election by nearly 55,000 votes.

The upcoming election secures Georgia's place as one of the most politically contentious states in the Union