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Turkey Announces Arrest of a Major Islamic State Militant

The country’s interior minister said Mahmut Ozden, described as a top Islamic State figure in Turkey, had been planning attacks and kidnappings. - Published

27 Islamic State suspects held in Turkey as attacks planned

Turkish police have detained 27 people in Istanbul over suspected links to the Islamic State group, state-run media said on Sunday. The Anadolu news
Hindu - Published

Iraq tells Turkey to stop attacks

Turkish security forces are targeting Kurdish rebel hideouts in northern Iraq
Hindu - Published

Turkey warns against attacks on its presence in Libya

Turkey warned on Thursday that attacks on its interests in Libya by Khalifa Haftar's forces will have "very grave consequences", after advances by the country's Turkish-backed government.
Reuters - Published

Turkey says attacks on its interests in Libya will have grave consequences

Turkey's foreign ministry warned on Thursday of grave consequences if General Khalifa Haftar's forces attacked Turkish interests in Libya.
Reuters - Published

Fighting in Syria persists despite ceasefire

There's heavy criticism of Vice President Mike Pence's deal to stop Turkey's attacks on Kurdish forces in northern Syria. Turkish forces have also been accused by a chemical weapons expert of using..
CBS News - Published

Turkey attacks Syrian military after two Turkish troops killed: Anadolu

Turkey killed 21 members of the Syrian government armed forces and destroyed two artillery pieces and two missile launchers after two Turkish soldiers were killed earlier, the state-owned Anadolu news..
Reuters - Published

Turkey Vows to Resist Attacks Against Its Forces in Syria

After 33 Turkish soldiers were killed in strikes in Syria, fears have risen of open conflict with Russia. - Published

Turkey Attacks Syrian Govt Targets After Five Soldiers Killed

By Menekse Tokyay A direct confrontation between Turkish forces and the Assad regime drew closer on Monday when five Turkish soldiers were killed in a regime attack in northwest Syria. The..
Eurasia Review - Published

Erdogan says retaliating after Syrian shelling killed Turkish troops

President Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday Turkey will continue to retaliate against attacks on its forces in Syria's northwest Idlib region, after the government said four Turkish soldiers were killed..
Reuters - Published

Syria war: Turkey can't handle new 'refugee wave', says Erdogan

Tens of thousands of Syrians have fled towards Turkey amid attacks on the rebel-held Idlib province.
BBC News - Published

UK, France, Germany, Turkey say attacks on civilians in Syria must end

All attacks against Syrian civilians, including in the rebel-held area of Idlib, must end, the leaders of Britain, France, Germany and Turkey agreed on Tuesday ahead of a NATO summit in London.
Reuters - Published

Syria conflict: The 'war crimes' caught in brutal phone footage

syria conflict: the 'war crimes' caught in brutal phone footage
Days after Turkey's attacks, numerous videos alleged to have been filmed by pro-Turkey rebels emerged on social media. In one, an unidentified fighter shouts in Arabic: "We have come to behead you..
WorldNews - Published

Trump says Turkey's attacks on Kurds were "eliminated quickly" by ceasefire

President Trump said he spoke to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan this morning. Mr. Trump said the attacks against the Kurds in northern Syria were "eliminated quickly" following Thursday's..
CBS News - Published

Eye Opener: Trump defends his ceasefire

There's heavy criticism of the White House deal to stop Turkey's attacks on Kurdish forces in northern Syria. Also, the acting White House chief of staff admits President Trump withheld military aid to..
CBS News - Published

Vice President Pence brokers ceasfire with Turkish President Erdogan on Syria

The U.S. has brokered a ceasefire with Turkey to stop attacks on Kurdish forces in Syria. Associated Press White House reporter Jill Colvin is traveling with President Trump in Texas and joins CBSN to..
CBS News - Published

Greece: 12 detained in Turkey protest

THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) — Police in northern Greece have detained 12 people who evaded security and staged a protest against Turkey’s attacks in Syria at the birthplace of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk,..
Seattle Times - Published

Erdogan Adviser On Turkey's Attacks In Syria

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is set to meet with a U.S. delegation to discuss Turkey's incursion into Syria. NPR's Steve Inskeep talks to Gulnur Aybet, senior adviser to Erdogan.
NPR - Published

Former PM Olmert slams Netanyahu for strategic failure on Iran

former pm olmert slams netanyahu for strategic failure on iran
Olmert looks at Trump’s Syria decision and Turkey’s attacks on Kurds, and argues that they are more examples of why Israel can only rely on itself.
Jerusalem Post - Published | US troops in northern Syria ordered to leave country

All US troops in northern Syria have been ordered to leave the country in the face of Turkey's attacks on Kurds in the region, a US official says.
News24 - Published

Typhoon Hagibis, Islamic State, Hong Kong: Your Monday Briefing

ISIS families escape as Turkey attacks in Syria. - Published

Your Monday Briefing

ISIS families escape as Turkey attacks in Syria. - Published

Secretary of Defense Esper blames Turkey for attacks on Kurds, says U.S. has not abandoned them

Top Pentagon officials blamed Turkey for fighting Kurds in Syria and said they had not abandoned the Kurds, a key ally in the fight against ISIS. - Published

Islamic State women attack security at Syria camp: SDF

Women affiliated with Islamic State attacked security offices with sticks and stones on Friday during unrest at a camp where they were held by Kurdish-led forces in northeastern Syria, the region where..
Reuters - Published

As Turkey attacks Syria, Trump says any ISIS escapees are Europe's problem

U.S. military takes custody of 2 militants, but there are about 10,000 more in jails guarded by America's Kurdish allies, who feel "stabbed in the back"
CBS News - Published

Turkey attacks and Kurds die; Trump acts surprised

Trump's red line? Doesn't know yet Less than three days after Donald Trump all but rolled out a welcome mat for invasion, Turkey's military unleashed airstrikes and artillery on the Kurdish fighters in..
Newsday - Published

As Turkey pounds Syria, Trump downplays ties to Kurds: 'They didn't help us in the Second World War'

Amid Turkey's attacks on northern Syria, Donald Trump played down the alliance with the Kurds, saying they didn't help with Normandy in World War II. - Published

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