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Friday, July 1, 2022

WCBI NEWS at 10 - 09/12/20

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WCBI NEWS at 10 - 09/12/20
WCBI NEWS at 10 - 09/12/20
WCBI NEWS at 10 - 09/12/20

Good evening.

Thanks for joining us.

She is one of the most recognizable figures in the war against the coronavirus.

And today dr. deborah birx she made a visit to the ole miss campus.

Wcbi's chad groening was there.

Dr. deborah birx serves as the coronavirus coordinator for the white house...and she came to oxford to participate in a round table discussion with ole miss leaders as well as others from the community.

She says she is impressed with the progress the state has made in reducing the spread of the virus.

During the summer covid outbreak it was every county in mississippi, rural counties, urban areas and really through the incredible work of everyone in mississippi you've gone just over the last five weeks from over almost 60 counties in with more than 10- percent test positivity down to 23."

One of the main reasons dr. birx came to oxford today to talk to administration officials at ole miss is to see just what kind of progress is being made at a southeastern university that has reopened its doors for the students.

"we're impressed with the partnership the university has developed between the community, the students and the adminstration.

We talked about testing and the importance of increasing surveillance testing.

We think they're doing great diagnostic testing, isolation and care for students.

It's clear that this university has put the health of the student first and the health of the community."

"our campus is open and courses are being taught because of the committment that our people have to our students.

We learned things from dr. birx today that showed us that yes we can do more and it's a committment of ours that we will do more without question."

Ole miss chancellor dr. glenn boyce said that it is important for ole miss students to maintain progress toward their degrees.

Chad groening wcbi news oxford.

And the ole miss chancellor says that the university is absolutely committed to remaining open for its students.

In our viewing area, college communities continue to lead the way with the most number of new cases.

Lafayette county has 52 new cases today.

Oktibbeha has 25.

The mississippi department of health is reporting 445 total new cases of coronavirus cases.

Today's report also shows 15 deaths across the state.

680 people remain hospitalized with confirmed or suspected coronavirus symptoms. 179 of those patients are in i.c.u.

More than 89- thousand people have tested positive in mississippi and more than 26- hundred have died.

The u-s is heading towards six and a half million confirmed cases of the coronavirus as the nation's death toll approaches 194 thousand.

And there's a new development on the vaccine front.

Michael george has the latest.

The pharmaceutical company, astrazeneca, has restarted clinical trials of its oxford coronavirus vaccine in britain after a health agency said it's safe to resume.

Days ago, astrazeneca paused its phase three trial of a possible covid 19 vaccine when one participant came down with an illness.

But even when a vaccine is approved, doctor anthony fauci says it will be some time before life returns to ''normal.'' ''if you're talking about getting back to a degree of normality which resembles where we were before covid 19, it's going to be well into 2021, maybe even towards the end of 2021.'' in an interview friday, fauci expressed some worry that more states are taking steps to further re-open their economies.

"i'm concerned when i see things starting indoors"", and that becomes more compelling when you move into fall and winter season."

After a shut down that's lasted more than two months, most bars in florida are set to re-open monday at half capacity, even as the state struggles with one of the highest positive covid-19 test rates in the nation.

''you know this year has been really, really tough on a lot of us.

And this is just the rainbow after the storm that's starting to show up.'' but bars in miami dade, broward and palm beach counties will remain closed, for now.

In nebraska, where cases are rising, the governor is ending nearly all social distancing restrictions in bars, churches and gyms beginning on monday.

There are signs, though, that many are still too concerned to even begin a return to normal ... nats/school bus cleaning " we sanitize the bus morning, before we leave... this school bus in long island, new york, typically transports 40 students.

On friday, there were only 5.

Michael george/cbs news/ new york.

As a cold front approaches the area, we'll see more chances for hit-or-miss storms over the next several days.

Depending on the exact path of what will be hurricane sally, we could see more steady rain by the middle of the week before we experience some drier weather.

Tropics: as of 4 pm saturday, tropical storm sally was located near the florida keys with winds of 40 mph.

The storm is expected to intensify once it enters the gulf of mexico and make landfall late monday night as a category 1 hurricane.

Portions of the louisiana, mississippi, alabama, and florida coastlines will experience flooding rains, gusty winds, and storm surge.

The worst of sally, as twitter, and instagram.

Video in monitor then full screen the pandemic has caused traffic to slow down at many businesses.

And some have had to close their doors all together.

But for a tupelo- based salon, business booming.

And now the owners have decided to expand in columbus.

The owners of endless beauty held a grand opening at their new location today.

They say business has been steady over the past few months.

Co-owner sherita ward says the salon would not have made it without the steady support of customers and her faith.

"oh its really been great, the response has been great because you have a lot of people who don't live in the tupelo area or a lot of people who are not actually in the columbus area, so they are able to come to either of the locations."

"you have to step out on faith, that's the only way you are going to be able to do it.

You've have got to trust god and step out on faith."

The salon first opened in tupelo and offers full- service treatments like brows, nails, and eyelashes.

A local civic group and a popular restaurant are helping an outreach program collect supplies for infants.

Junior auxiliary of starkville hosted a "diaper drop" today at chick-fil- a.

The group collected diapers and baby wipes for the parent outreach program at emerson family school.

All donors received a card for a free treat from chick-fil-a.

The diaper drop is something new to us.

And this was just a need we found, so we always jump in there and do whatever we can to help.

We jumped in an helped them develop some promotional materials and got the word out on social media and other avenues just to get the word out and help them generate some donations.

Starkville ja has also provided uniforms for school children and helped stock shelves at local food pantries.

Members of the junior auxiliary of tupelo are showing their appreciation for counselors at local schools.

The ja's "school aid committee" holds a luncheon every year for school counselors, nurses and staff in lee county and tupelo schools.

But because of covid 19, members delivered the lunches personally to each school and the lee county detention center.

"we check in with the schools weekly, to see what their needs are, we meet their physical needs, emotional needs, we provide educational services where some groups tutor, also provide eyeglasses for students that need it."

"we cannot do our jobs by ourselves and we are so grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful organization like junior auxiliary, i have been in the district for about thirty years, junior auxiliary has always been there for us and stepped up."

The junior auxiliary partnered with "jimmy john's" to provide lunches for counselors.

Centered an outreach organization in columbus is raising awareness about suicide.

Contact helpline held a 5k walk and run to remember those who we have lost to suicide.

September is national suicide prevention and awareness month contact executive director katrina sunivelle says she hopes events like this will remind the community that there is always someone to call.

"we are here to offer prevention services for individuals here and let them know that they have a safe place to call if they are feeling lonely and depressed.

And this is an opportunity to get runners and walkers to come together and just show the community that contact is here, communicating councils are here and we have different agencies in the community that can help them."

The national suicide prevention the national suicide prevention line is 1-800-273-8255 firefighters on the west coast continue to battle raging wildfires that have displaced tens of thousands of people.

An update on the deaths and the damage when wcbi news at 10 continues.

In monitor the death and destruction from wildfires on the west coast are alarming.

Adding to the flames on the ground- thick clouds of ash is turning day into night.

In several major cities there - to breathe is to take new risks danya bacchus brings us the latest.

Script: unrelenting wildfires continue to wreak havoc on the west "this is insane" ...leaving behind unimaginable destruction..

-and a rising loss of life.

This week alone&at least 19 people have died.

16-year old josiah williams was one of them.

The family is just so heartbroken in oregon&officials are bracing for a mass fatality incident.

Fires there have wiped out more than 800-thousand acres- and after only five days&the outbreak of fires in washington state is the second- worst in it's history.

Mandy mcdonald is now homeless.

" unfortunately, i went at the very exact moment to come around the corner to see my house falling to the ground completely in flames."

Aaron buck's home was in the path of the massive creek fire.

We all know in the back of our minds up there that this could happen his home is still standing...but more than 300 structures were lost.

We've lost what we've lost, we have what we have left.

We are gonna rebuild, this fire is one in a record breaking fire season-that's just getting started- more than three million acres have burned in california.

Governor newsom surveyed the catastrophic damage on friday.

This is a climate damn emergency.

This is real.

And it happening, this is the perfect storm.

Seattle&los angeles and san francisco's poor air quality is forcing many to stay inside this weekend.

Oregon now the worst air in the world.

Fire crews are hoping this weekend's temporary cooler weather with give them a leg up in the fire fight.

Were all out here and ready to continue the fight as long as we should need to do that fire crews tell me here they do not expect to have a complete hold on the creek fire until next month.

Until as a cold front approaches the area, we'll see more chances for hit-or-miss storms over the next several days.

Depending on the exact path of what will be hurricane sally, we could see more steady rain by the middle of the week before we experience some drier weather.

Tropics: as of 4 pm saturday, tropical storm sally was located near the florida keys with winds of 40 mph.

The storm is expected to intensify once it enters the gulf of mexico and make landfall late monday night as a category 1 hurricane.

Portions of the louisiana, mississippi, alabama, and florida coastlines will experience flooding rains, gusty winds, and storm surge.

The worst of sally, as of now, is expected to stay to our south and east.

Saturday night: areas of showers and a little bit of thunder will continue overnight.

Lows will be in the mid 70s under a mostly cloudy sky.

Sunday: another day of scattered storms is in store for sunday.

Not everyone will see rain all day, but the best chance for storms will be north of highway 82.

Still, don't be surprised if you run into a quick downpour.

Highs will be near 90 with a few peeks of sun through the day.

Monday-tuesday: we'll keep the chance in for some pop-up storms through monday and tuesday, but we'll still see a little bit of sunshine each day.

Temperatures will stay warm and muggy with highs in the upper 80s and overnight lows near 70.

Wednesday- thursday: while most of sally will remain to our south, we'll likely still see some periods of rain on wednesday and thursday from some of the outer bands.

Overall, some areas could see up to 3?

While others don't get much at all.

It'll all depend on exactly where the storm tracks.

Temperatures will be a little lower with highs in the mid 80s and overnight lows in the upper 60s to near 70.

Friday-saturday: fingers crossed!

It looks like we could see some drier and more comfortable weather return for friday and into the weekend.

Rain chances will remain low with a mix of sunshine and clouds.

Highs will remain in the mid 80s with overnight lows in the mid 60s.

To get the latest forecast anytime, download the wcbi news app or visit our website at

You can also get the latest weather updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Twitter, and instagram.

With transfer k.j.

Costello and freshman will rogers battling it out to be the starting quarterback at mississippi state, you may wonder......what about garrett shrader?

Well head coach mike leach answered that question today at his press conference.

Last season's starting qb for the bulldogs is making the move to play wide receiver.

Shrader made some big plays with his feet last season rushing for nearly 700 yards and 6 touchdowns proving to be a threat with the ball in his hands.

Leach went on to say that shrader has played lately as he makes the transition to play in the slot.

"garrett playing at slot receiver.

He's looked pretty good.

He's had a touchdown the two days prior to today.

Had a really good play today.

The biggest thing is getting him tuned in.

I think he's got to get in shape because there's a different type of shape playing quarterback than receiver when you're doing all the running.

He's looked impressive.

Has a sense of space and routes.

He's tough to bring down so i've been kind of impressed by the way he looked."

The journey for athletes isn't always an easy one.

Just ask ole miss defensive back jaylon jones.

The chucky mullins award recipient was a freshman all american in 2016 but in 2018, jones tore his acl in the season opener against texas tech.

After battling his way back from rehab to play last season, jones enters his senior campaign feeling 100% and speaks on how he's been able to endure the challenges thrown his way.

"i think it ties in with that quote.

Never quit.

I went through a lot.

I had a lot of ups and downs since i been here, but i never lost sight of the main goal and where i'm trying to go.

I love this sport.

I give it my all.

I know there's going to be bumps on the road in anybody's journey so i just kept my head high.

Leaned on my teammates, coaching staff, and just kept rehabbing and focusing on getting better."

Over at bryant- denny stadium in tuscaloosa, alabama had its second scrimmage of the fall as the tide crank it up a notch as they prepare for missouri in 2 weeks.

As usual, the tide return a bunch of talent on offense featuring preseason all-sec picks najee harris, davonta smith, jaylen waddle and alex leatherwood.

Nick saban said in his press conference that he isn't disappointed in the progress the team has made from the first scrimmage to now.

And mentioned he actually likes what he sees from his quarterbacks.

"they were very good today.

Very efficient.

Good completion percentages.

Threw for some big plays.

Made some explosive plays.

Made some explosive plays in critical situations.

Some good plays in special situations.

I think the offense was pretty good on 3rd down which always goes back to quarterback decision making and people getting open.

They played well."

College football is back!

A former endzone star makes a big play in the louisiana - iowa state game.

More on the matchup after the break!

Chris smith...the pride of nanih chris smith...the pride of nanih waiya....95 yd kickoff return breece hall 11 yd run.....14-7 cyclones levi lewis to peter leblanc 78 yd pass td eric garror 83 yd punt return louisiana wins 31-14 team sanders team sanders looking to get the dub.

Bot 3rd.

Dj sanders showing why she's captain.

6-3 un- assisted double play!

Top 5th.

Team sanders down 2-0.

Becker infield ground ball.

Play at the plate safe.

Team sanders scores a run.

Bot 5th.

Bases loaded.

Tie ball game.

Not anymore, savannah jaquish grand slam hr!!!

7-3 team piancastelli team sanders falls.

Final score 7-4.


Final score 7-4.

You think we going into wednesday and thursday as what's left of sally comes and possibly up to 3 inches depending on the exact course of the family were watching carefully over the next few days and saturday drying out's temptress looking good evening

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