WCBI EndZone: Week 12

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WCBI EndZone: Week 12
WATCH: Highlights and scores from week twelve of WCBI EndZone.

Responsive wishes to him jack king you are you are you exports you would just as a run is brought to you by weight inc.

Will leverage logan toyota was to an ch orthopedic center and we are and will probably think there is you and i you obviously were known offenses our house we could even just get one player the week this week we had to get them to obviously darian townsend the reason why divers 45+ points per game in the last three and also you has been a monster from zero hundred 4 yards and two touchdowns last week in avery you always know how much nancy made a three knowing and i is experienced as pretty as you think 13.

He went one out and markedly in a is avery and come back when last we get home three taking down china county when you know on the other end 109 as he said you were 38 he lost in controlling your letters and that he and his and will only have 14 to the marine 100 and 108 and 19 19419 414 and after an angry face and kaiser avery went 35 109 45 and the third quarter, andrew trailing the night along the way that is 800 and that is 828 20828 23 tigers to albany for the first and place later going for aóthis man cannot get into my and for as he can win 9938 35 look at him go 69 way to your final art principles and was there and has more from the game and i to show 45 when avery in his marriage to use a name retail space is class you got it on feel the night ultimately this will sort and i think when quarterback is wynonna the freshman qb in the basement and all in a very good game to a yard key is well keeping the drive alive tigers at the go- ahead when you darian townsend he sold out tonight hundred and 55 yards not one touchdown by two touchdowns touchdowns in the actual seal in the field wynonna is a move on semifinals in class you get to enough you sneak past very strong and i bring down that it's been my that waiting tire year and you were were were glad at 100 pounds to open the whole not as hot as i can type wholeness on his life and wynonna gives the was taken on the only fourin in next week tiger taken on tigers course should be a great game it is the layoff back to only to get better and better and she seemed sincere because tiger team comes away with when in doubt as i hear wynonna chris with a yacht for you guys is ... the man's own fernando taken on a story the challenges and john is running game earlier on right or even i didn't see the yard first you run the interview as i thought we were back in the car is why conversion to see what will snack here on this line in the slide with you dream what lay in the whole screen you tried to take over and fumbled on and later writers looking this morning at the mall where the lead to the end zone you very nice three planning and making a natural body avoid advanced you want is what grenade a we need a sentence it feels in his yard line your trees on the same star and all the way to charge you on i because of an and in every way will not be denied is keyshawn simon ordination if you run this for me to come back since i was going when we were gene is more than a and you will hear a little on the only will he will be going for the you will play the lead length the one next week fantastic one next to more in line with an arena now.

It more like coming up next as i get third world 14 always start with the ball is in the yard and is in the region below two point emerge as one of the great ... regular there is an easement and i feel we should inside of what the wild city when 30 to 40 minutes we will will you and you will and feel you later on and off use all the game to their real goal weight bearing 32 yards out with you and all you want is a sanders and all things will almost 6 is barbara on the dissenters and the senate and you went the 36 336 on his will he usually thinking on how many fingers to begin in a way us west alabama to gordo greenway then can first- quarter theme trying to do and then hit the outside into one territory after the kcal will literally everyone thinking out for a living there with greenway kids over in the eyes and said that they will go to a 10 minute get to win 48 get to win 40 8k deibert and i am taking corresponding as you want the added in all married and she is going take over marcel and he exactly exactly is that in itself is a is 7% as you something you said, here in these is going on you that mars will be able to daniel would be getting in one our winters in the gleaming thing is on north panola county tigers going to be a good you're going to waste no time thinking offer washington

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