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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Friday Night Blitz: Spring Culminating Week - part 3

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Friday Night Blitz: Spring Culminating Week - part 3
Friday Night Blitz: Spring Culminating Week - part 3

A send off to the seniors worthy of the sacrifices they made to make this season happen.

Night blitz on to the friday night blitz on newswatch 12."

Cam cam two minute warning has come to the spring season of the friday night blitz.

It's been a whirlwind of a season but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Josh absolutely not.

We weren't quite sure what would be getting with this unprecedented spring season... but one constant was having a play of the week winner.

So for t final time this spring... drum roll please... josh congratulations to david brown.

This big time run was a big time vote getter in our final week.

Over 51 percent of the votes went mr. brown's way.

Showing off the speed and the vision as he runs this to the house.

What a way to wrap up the spring football season.

Congratulations to all of our play of the week winners.

Josh with the season coming to an end, i think this year was just a giant reminder of what sports can do for a community, especially when it comes to senior leadership.

Cam absolutely.

The seniors this year taught us of, and reminded us of the importance of patience.

To end the blitz season, we want to thank the seniors of high school sports in our area.

Josh we went around to as many teams as we could this week, and we asked them to talk about what they went through.

We asked their coaches to brag about them a bit.

Here is what we heard.

Devan blakenship: "none of us thought there was going to be a season.

" trevor jaasko: nobody cared if we didn't have a season or not.

Even if we did, we were going to be prepared for it.

So everybody didn't stop and kept going.

So we finally found out we could have a season.

Elijah nehf: i think it was honestly just like.

You know, like, thank god, you know, will pierson: i'm thankful for just being out here, y'all through my brothers and just like the comradery, berk brown: seniors this year, um, demonstrated what it means to be resilient, to be gritty, to be tough, to stick to something and see it through.

Um, during times like this.

It's been hard for a lot of people to persevere and overcome, you know, the isolation, um, the quarantine and the young men in our football team.

I'm so very proud of them, their ability to overcome such a tough time in everyone's life.

Devan blakenship: i just had to leave it all out there for my guys and as a senior and, you know, plan for this program.

It's really just been a blessing.

Dawson douglas: we can't covid and what our government and all these laws want to hold us back from.

We can only just keep a smile on her face and have fun with what we have.

And so it started with workouts in the summer, just getting that was like a eye-opener kind of, matt mcpheeters: i've kind of just been thinking about it the last couple of days.

Like this is your last week of practice is your last game.

So you better leave it all out in the field.

Vincent cottini: it resembles a grit or a toughness.

And through this tough time with covid and all that, um, where we can really come together, no matter what circumstances are to push ourselves, to be who we are.

Kristian fralich: i wish we could have had i made a 12, 12, 13 game season that, i mean, you just kind of have to take what you get and i'm, i'm just really thankful for all the guys.

Berk brown: at no point, did our kids ever show any signs of weakness?

They just kept, you know, kept showing a ton of resilience.

I mean, through, you know, august, november, all the way through the fall and through the winter and to the point that where they caught wind, that they were going to have a season, they've been nothing short of amazing.

I'm very proud.

Nathan prince: i have been playing football since i was a kid.

And then glad to be end my senior year with the season.

Josh thanks for joining us for the friday night blitz.

Cameron you can find out more about the big games of the week by heading to our website,

Have a great night.


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