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Monday, May 16, 2022

Friday Night Blitz: Spring Week 5

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Friday Night Blitz: Spring Week 5
Friday Night Blitz: Spring Week 5

Two big-time rivalry games and a comeback for the ages in one of them plus plenty of other games around southern Oregon in the penultimate week of the spring high school football season.

We were there to capture it all.

The friday night blitz starts now.

Cam welcome into the newswatch 12 studio.

Its the friday night blitz.

The sports team filling out the entire studio again.

I am cameron derby.

Josh shelton is over there.

And josh shelton had the best dang seat in all of the rogue valley tonight.

What a comeback?

Josh who does not love standing on the sideline for the rivalry that makes medford turn?

This one is always circle on the calendar as soon as the schedule comes out.

And this one lived up to the hype.

The black and blue bowl in all it's glory.

North vs.


The panthers looking to get revenge for last year's blow out loss.

But devin bradd picked up right where he left off.

He scores the first points of the game with a 4-yard touchdown run to cap off a methodical, 7 and a half minute drive.

7-0 black tornado.

===== seven minutes later, bradd is back in a familiar spot... the endzone.

Two touchdowns in the first half for the north medford running back.

13-0 black tornado lead after a quarter.

===== south trying to find an answer for bradd.

But he was tearing up the panthers defense.

Bradd breaks off this big run for the black tornado.

Finally dragged down inside the panther 15.

=== sets him up nicely for his third touchdown of the half.

Leaps in and its 20-0 north medford.

===== but here come the panthers.

Deacon edgar throws over the middle and finds andrew walker for 6.

A sophomore connection for south medford gets 'em on the board.

20-7 south still trails ===== north medford had a 27-7 lead in the first half.

A little delay screen pass to carson cota and then he's off to the races with blockers out in front.

Into the endzone... 27-14... panthers make it a 2-score game.

===== fourth quarter, less than 10 minutes to play.

Carson joe around the outside.... touchdown south!

Extra point makes it 27-21.

===== but... don't forget about devin bradd.

A record breaking performance.

He set two black and blue bowl records tonight.

Must rushing yards with 306 and most carries with 45.

Four touchdowns ties three others.

34-21 north medford leads.

===== less than two minutes to play.

Cota had a big catch that sets up this deacon edgar scamper to score.

It's a 6-point game again.

===== onside kick time... balls loose.

South medford recovers with a minute-53 to play.

===== 29 seconds to play... pocket collapes, edgar scrambles to his right... he's going to score!

The extra point is good!

North's desperation play is not!

South medford with the comeback win!

35-34 the final score from spiegelberg.

Josh the canal bowl in the basin.

Mazama trying to keep its championship game hopes alive.

=== tristian lee, cole brosterhous, the duo of the decade?

Brosterhous is all by himself and he will just relax as he cruises to the endzone.

=== cam alright time for the end around toss.

When you got a guy as fast as colby anderson why not right?

Around the corner he goes and another viking taking a breather on the way in.

=== it just keeps piling on though.

Peyton wright rips that ball out on the way down and mazama gets on top of it.

=== josh more tristian lee.

More colby anderson.

This sets the vikings up perfectly.

=== another touchdown for the vikings.

This one from just about a yard or so out.

=== later on.

The turnovers just continue.

And they continue to lead to points.

Kaydin bolanos says thank you very much and dips out with that one.

The vikings roll in the canal bowl.

All but solidifying themselves into the championship game.

We will talk more about that coming up.

Cam whoo!


You were behind the camera for that whole black and blue bowl.

The momentum swing had to feel insane.

Josh it was palapable... you could feel the energy shift in the second half.

South medford came out with a fire lit under them and they played hard.

The panthers found a rythmn and even after devin bradd's big run... they never quit.

Huge second half and a huge win for south.

Cam grants pass hosting the eagles of eagle point.

=== 2nd quarter, 7-0 gp.

Put your roller blades on because we are going skating after this deep shot.

Devik chiang asking the dj to put on his skating song.


See ya.

Touchdown cavemen.

14-0 cavemen.

=== josh chiang was going to work all night long.

Nice crossing pattern here and he makes the catch through the hard hit.

=== grants pass cruises away.

49-24 the final.

Cam roseburg hosting crar senior night for roseburg.

The team honored two of its seniors and a senior member of the cheerleading squad.

Indians came out the gate ready to play check out this catch by roseburg receiver landyn dupper.

That sets up the indians deep in crater territory.

Same drive -- 4th down for roseburg -- they can't convert.

Great tackle from behind by crater's jaden filegel.

Roseburg turns it over on downs.

Josh crater in the red zone.

Blake eaton lofts it up.

Dylan ennis somehow comes down with it.

Touchdown comets.

Crater gets a blowout win over a 6a school on the road.

42-7, the final.

Cam phoenix visiting north valley.

The knights back on the field.

=== phoenix fumble early and north valley will recover it.

Lucky bounce for the knights it lands right under a falling linemen.

=== ensuing drive.

4th and goal.

Jayden twedwell, you may as well call him tb12 with that qb sneak.

The knights up 7-0.

=== josh but the pirates staying competitive.

Ryan watts throwing off his back foot while he is pulled to the grass.

Marcell valadez somehow comes down with it.

Cam said tb12 how about david tyree and eli?

But the knights cruise away after that.

The knights get the win with a 21-7 victory in heir lone home game of the season.

Cam hidden valley and henley.

Big matchup in the basin.

=== nate vidlak just doing nate vidlak type things.

Or really patrick mahomes type things.

Look at the side arm toss down the sideline and finds his man.

=== the he is going to go out on the playaction designed run.





=== and in a really close.

Hidden valley wins on a 42-yard walkoff field goal as time expires.

What a game.

Hidden valley wins the thing, 17-16.

Cam alright we got st.

Mary's and douglas.

Senior night over at gary h.

Wheeler field.

=== first quarter, crusaders up, 6-0.

They call him will the thrill because of the wheels he has on him.

Look at will heycke go all the way to the house.


Mary's gets the two and goes up 14 nothing.

=== fans are in the stands and they are having some fun with the crusaders up.

=== josh but surprise surprise.

After a douglas touchdown, the trojans go onside, and they recover it.

Thats crazier than the saints in the super bowl.

=== and then three plays later, seth christian finds tye cross and he crosses the goaline.

Suddenly, douglas has a 16-14 lead.

And then douglas runs away

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