Need to Know News (11 August 2022) with Carl Herman and Principled Vegan
Need to Know News (11 August 2022) with Carl Herman and Principled Vegan

Details of the FBI raid make it look even more scandalous.

Among the items being sought were cocktail napkin charts, slide decks, memos, maps, dinner menus, schedules, and letters, which of course meant they should rifle through Melania's closets and drawers (where some are reporting they were "panty sniffing", which would not surprise me).

A Congressman, Scott Parry (R-PA) had his personal cell phone taken by the FBI the day after the raid on Mar-a-Lago.

The FBI refused to provide a copy of the warrant to Trump's attorney on the scene and would not allow her to observe them as they spent over 9 hours searching the premises.

A judge has ordered the DOJ to release the warrant to the public or show cause why it should not be released by Monday.

2/3 of nations worldwide are siding with Russia or at least not severing ties over the Ukraine war, no doubt because they understood Russia had good reasons to intervene.

Mike Adams warns the raid is meant to provoke a violent response from Trump supporters so they can be classified as "violent extremists''.

This signals a major "false flag" may be in the works to justify suspending the midterm elections, where the Democrats are going to be wiped out.

And they now believe they have so much authority and control they no longer need to pretend they believe in the Constitution or the rule of law.

Showing her true colors, Nancy Pelosi has endorsed China as "one of the freest societies in the world", where she wants America to follow suit.

FL Attorney General, Ashley Moody, has slammed the FBI for overreach in its raid on Trump's home, And entertainment companies are discovering that, when they go woke, they also go broke!