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Thursday, March 4, 2021

D.C. locks down, states on alert, for inauguration

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D.C. locks down, states on alert, for inauguration
D.C. locks down, states on alert, for inauguration

[NFA] U.S. security forces are mounting a national operation to thwart any violence before President-elect Joe Biden takes office - while Democrats warned of possible political violence even after the Jan.

20 swearing-in.

Lisa Bernhard produced this report.

Washington in lockdown Thursday ahead of a presidential inauguration that is shaping up to be like none other in modern history.

At least 20,000 National Guard troops descending on D.C.... Construction of high fencing with barbed wire to secure the U.S. Capitol….

And a message from local authorities to those planning actions similar to last week’s deadly siege: stay away.

Virginia governor Ralph Northam: “I need everyone to listen very closely: if you’re planning to come here or up to Washington with ill intent in your heart, you need to turn around right now and go home.

You are not welcome here, and you are not welcome in our nation’s capital.

And if you come here and act out, Virginia will be ready.” Hotels, airlines and other businesses are also ramping up security ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s swearing-in on January 20th – with officials fearing violence in the days leading up to and following the ceremony.

Delta is prohibiting travelers to Washington-area airports from checking firearms, and Airbnb canceled reservations in the D.C.

Area after speaking with local law enforcement, CEO Brian Chesky told Reuters Thursday.

“We felt like, well, if the mayor and governors of the surrounding states were discouraging people from coming, then why are we providing housing.” Certain metro stations will be closed and buses re-routed through January 21st.

And it’s not just Washington that’s on high alert.

Officials have warned of armed protests in all 50 states - especially in swing states President Trump lost in the election, like Pennsylvania, where the state Capitol building in Harrisburg has been boarded up.

In Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine said on Thursday the statehouse and state office buildings in downtown Columbus would be closed from Sunday through Wednesday.


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